Looking for a New World – Camper Poem

This beautiful poem was written by Amelia Hepfer, a July camper who joined us at Camp Wapomeo this summer. She shared this during morning med with her fellow campers and Wapomeo staff. 

Thank you, Amelia, for sharing this with us and letting us share this with the TSC community. The impact of the great Canadian wilderness can truly be felt through reading your words in your poem ‘Looking for a New World’.

Looking for a New World

camper poemDeep in the Earth, a new song sings
Awakening the seeds of the new coming spring
Days of the past
Days of the land
Which calls to remind you
On the shoulders of generations we stand
The past is the stone
On which future depends
Which uploads and heals
Nature and defence
Honour the land
The power in you
Remember these words
To your own self
Be true.


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