August – Canoe Lake Update

Days are full and smiles are big here on Canoe Lake as we enjoy the excitement, friendship and new experiences these August sessions have offered! We’re moving into the last few days of the August 15-day session, but there is still much to be expected before Saturday.

Tuesday we welcomed back the Pioneer and Tuscie 15-day campers. Their canoe trips stories were full of happiness, laughter and cabin bonding. With a few days left of in-camp life, we are sure their cabin bonds will continue to grow and they will create more happy memories!

Yesterday afternoon we welcomed our first Try-Out camp sessions of August. These days ahead for the TOCO campers will be full of all the in-camp activities to get a true feel for camp life.

Yesterday morning the Kiowa and Bantam cabins embarked on their overnight canoe trips. With the sun shining, calm water and big smiles to start off the trip, it was perfect day for happy travels and little adventures. We can’t wait to see them back this afternoon and hear about their canoe trip.

Yesterday afternoon we welcomed back our Voyageur and Ojib monther cabins as they paddled back into camp after 9 days of canoe trip. We also welcomed back the 15-day Mountaineer and Shawnee cabins back from their 5-day canoe trips. Canoe Lake echoed with canoe trip stories and those post-trip feels.

Today we will be having the second Intercamp of August. A perfect way to move into the final days of camp. Exciting games, new friendships and cook-out meals to come! Today also marks the start of the Mountaineer and Shawnee monther canoe trips. We’ll welcome them back in 7 days! We will be welcoming back the Killarney canoe trips this afternoon as well. We can’t wait to hear all about their trip.

Friday will be a big day here at Ahmek and Wapomeo. We will be welcoming back QUETICO and ISHPATINA. 36 days of canoe trip with their cabin mates will bring them back to Canoe Lake to enjoy the final couple weeks of camp together. Quetico will fly into Pearson airport and jump on the bus back to camp. Ishpatina will have a unique and exciting paddle back into camp after 36 days. We will also see Ahmek’s Senior Park and TSC’s Barron River and Temagami cabins back on Friday afternoon as they return to camp after exploring the great Canadian backcountry.

Saturday we will be saying farewell to our August 15-day and first August Try-Out campers. Canoe Lake will miss you and we hope to see you back on the sunny shores for another great summer in 2020!

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