August 12 Day and Full Month – Canoe Lake Update

We can’t believe we are already in our last sessions of the summer! The August 12 Day sessions kicked off on Sunday on a beautiful, sunny afternoon! In-take was full of smiles and excitement as campers, families and staff got ready to start the final 12 days of the summer.  As new and returning campers got comfortable at Ahmek and Wapomeo, a yummy meal was in preparation for a warm welcome and opening to the days ahead.

Monday morning Pioneer and Tuscie full month cabins head out on their canoe trip adventure. We will see them on Friday afternoon and can’t wait to hear all about their journey. Yesterday, we welcomed back Bisco, from their 42 Day adventure! Today we will welcome back Mountaineer and Shawnee full month cabins from their 7-day canoe trip. Thursday Pioneer, Mountaineer, Tuscie and Shawnee 12-day cabins will head out onto their canoe trips. We will see Pioneer and Tuscie cabins back on Saturday afternoon and then Sunday Mountaineer and Shawnee cabins will return back to camp. Kiowa and Bantam 12-day cabins will head out onto their overnight canoe trip on Sunday morning and return Monday afternoon. Just in time for 50 Day and Kipawa cabins to return on Tuesday afternoon. We can’t wait to see those post-canoe trip smiles.

Wednesday Ahmek and Wapomeo campers will get the opportunity to participate in the August Sailing Race, also known as the Wilson. It will be an exciting one and a great way to enjoy some of Canoe Lake’s very own. The fun doesn’t stop there though, Thursday will be Intercamp – the last one of the summer – destined to be full of fun, laughter and that TSC spirit on loud. We can’t believe it!

Saturday we welcome some guests to Canoe Lake as we check-off the last Visitor’s Day of the summer. With camp life in full spin, we know the dining hall will be full of storytelling, friendship and the perfect spot to enjoy some family time! Sunday evening will bring Ahmek and Wapomeo campers together for the August council ring. Council ring gives campers and staff the opportunity to learn about interesting Algonquin Park history, camp history and enjoy some friendly games by the fire.

Monday, we welcome back 50-day canoe trips. We can’t wait to hear how their adventures went. The excitement of the day doesn’t end there though. Monday evening will be bustling with Final Play and the Final Dance. Final Play will be presented by Quetico and Isphatina campers with the help of the Music, Drama and Dance program. We are very much looking forward to an incredible performance of… HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL #wereallinthistogether.

Tuesday the sunny shores will be bustling with Ahmek spirit and cheering as the morning brings the staff Stilson and camper Stilson. The evening will bring campers together as Ahmek and Wapomeo will have their Final Banquets. Campers and staff are eagerly awaiting the announcements. At Wapomeo, this task is given to the Long Trip campers so it never disappoints! Wednesday, which is also the final full day of camp, will keep Canoe Lake loud with Wapomeo spirit as the Wapomeo Staff and camper Boule will be taking place. Our final evening of camp will give Ahmek and Wapomeo campers the chance to relax, reflect and enjoy the friendships, happiness and memories that have been created throughout these summer days with Ahmek A and Wapomeo Candle Lighting.

We have had such an amazing summer here at Wapomeo and Ahmek so although the summer is coming to end, we are truly living these last few days to the fullest!

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