Summer Update – August


This Summer has been full of excitement, and this week has continued the trend! We welcomed back our Ahmek and Wapomeo 50 Day canoe trips Monday afternoon. After 50 days in the great Canadian backcountry, they arrived back to the sunny shores for the last few days of camp. There’s nothing quite like that post-50-Day cabin vibe. It has been amazing to have them back and hear about each trips unique adventure.


Monday was also an exciting day for August Kipawa cabins. After exploring the beauty of northern Quebec, the trips returned home with empty packs but 22 days filled with one-of-a-kind memories and forever friendships. Kiowa and Bantam cabins also returned Monday afternoon from their overnight canoe trips. Exploring Algonquin Park is a special part of summer sessions with TSC and we are so delighted to hear their adventures were filled with happy moments!


Monday evening Ahmek and Wapomeo brought musical vibes to Canoe Lake as campers and staff joined each other at Ahmek to enjoy this summer’s Final Play, ‘High School Musical’. With catchy songs, epic dance moves and a full dining hall, the evening was one for the books and definitely a final play that will be remembered for years to come! The dancing and singing continued into the evening with Final Dance.


We kicked-off Tuesday morning with the Stilson! That Ahmek spirit was resonating off the shores of Canoe Lake. Congratulations to the Summer 2019 Stilson winners, Connor McCauley and Dylan Morrison! Another big congratulations go out to the Senior campers Harry and Robert who took 1st in the 2019 Camper Stilson. What an inspiring morning on Canoe Lake with the cheering, excitement, skills and techniques used by each and every participant! Tuesday evening was Final Banquet. Wapomeo’s Final Banquet theme was Famous Families and Ahmek’s was Games of Thrones. We must say, TSC staff are on-point with the themes this summer.


Today marked another exciting day on Canoe Lake. These final days of camp are jam-packed with memorable events. This morning the Boule had Canoe Lake full of canoes, cheering and campers and staff empowering us with that Wapomeo skill and spirit. Congratulations to Mary Caplice and Marie Guertin who took 1st in the Summer 2019 Staff Boule. Big congratulations go to Ava and Emily for taking 1st in the 2019 Camper Boule.


Though we’re at our final full day of camp, there is still lots to come. We can’t wait to reminisce on the fun of the summer with friendship and TSC spirit this evening with the Ahmek A and Wapomeo Candle Lighting. This summer has flown by but not without creating tons of memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who has joined us for the Summer 2019 sessions, it has been one for the books. We wish everyone a happy and safe year and hope to see you all back on the sunny shores for Summer 2020.

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