Canoe Lake Update – Fall Vibes

And just like that, the air is getting cooler, the sun sets a little earlier, and those autumn vibes are moving into Algonquin Park. Ahmek and Wapomeo have become a little quieter as we said farewell to summer and September campers over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday we welcomed back a special group for an office retreat. Connected arrived prepared for beautiful sunny days and a fireside evening. This will mark Connected’s fourth September at TSC. These couple of days offer Connected the perfect environment to get off the screens, out of office mode and into nature. Connected has found their home away from home on Canoe Lake and we are so happy to be a part of that! Here’s to more memories with yummy food, epic views and even better company.

Camp Wapomeo and Camp ahmekAs we move into these colder months, Ahmek and Wapomeo get ready to hibernate. The weeks ahead are possible because of the TSC maintenance team and fall crew staff, led by the one and only David Standfield. These weeks are a huge part of what makes each summer at camp possible. Days can include a variety of tasks for the fall crew staff. The list is a long one as Ahmek and Wapomeo prepare for the cold months. Staff can be found painting canoes, closing up cabins, taking down tents, putting away sailboats and much more. Fall crew staff really get the chance to see the inner workings of camp and have the opportunity to enjoy Canoe Lake a little longer. Though days are busy, breaks and evenings are much enjoyed with good food and great company. A TSC thank you goes out to the maintenance team and fall crew over these weeks as we begin to countdown the days to Summer 2020.

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