Countdown to Registration – The Taylor Statten Camps

The countdown is on! We are just 1 month away from opening our Summer 2020 registration. Here are 31 reasons why we’re excited for Summer 2020.

Summer Countdown

1. New campers! Each year, TSC is eager to welcome new campers to the sunny shores to enjoy the place we’ve come to call our summer home.  More friends, more fun!

2. Returning campers! Without returning campers to spread that TSC spirit and enjoy all the greatness that comes with a summer session, Ahmek and Wapomeo wouldn’t be the adventure of a lifetime.

3. Camp friends! Friendships created over summers spent at TSC are one of a kind and definitely something we look forward to each summer.

countdown to 20204. Making new friends! Finding new people and making new friends who are interested in the same things you are can be hard. Camp is THE place to find and make new friends who have similar interests; for us, seeing these friendships come to life is one of our favourite things each summer.

5. Swimming in Canoe Lake! Just because we aren’t fish, doesn’t mean we can’t swim with them. Swimming in natures very own is definitely one on our list.

canoe trip countdown in 20206. Swimming on canoe trip! Finding those beautiful lakes that are just too perfect to not swim in, especially on warm days – now that is what dreams are made of.

7. Find out who’s in your cabin!  Each year campers get put into a cabin with other cabin mates. They move from activity to activity with their cabin, go on canoe trip with their cabin and eat meals with their cabin. Watching camper cabins form into the bonds many cherish for a lifetime, is another thing we are looking forward to.

8. Finding out who your camp counsellors are! Each summer we are lucky enough to have an incredible set of staff who are a huge component of what makes TSC so unique. Camper and counsellor bonds are big part of what has us pumped for another year on Canoe Lake.

9. New things at camp! Watching and hearing about campers learning or finding out something about camp they didn’t know is an underestimated amount of fun.

countdown to dining hall meals10. Changes! Change can be good, and each summer something little changes. Whether it’s a new addition to camp life or an adjustment to something at camp, we are always working towards a better tomorrow and grateful for all the days that have brought us there.

11. Reaching goals! Watching and hearing about campers setting goals for themselves, and then reaching them! Each activity at camp has the opportunity for anyone to set a goal for themselves and have the time to work on achieving it. Watching campers achieve goals is one of our favourite things.

12. Learning something new! Every day at camp brings forward something a little different and everything new brings forward something to learn. Watching campers learn new things and enjoy those things is an awesome part of camp life.

ahmek campers 13. Camper spirit! Watching campers cheer each other on through activities, races, events and more is something you just don’t find anywhere else.

14. Canoe trips! Need we say more?

15. Canoe trip meals! There is nothing quite like a yummy meal after a long day of canoe tripping and enjoying it beside your friends and counsellors.

16. Tent sleeps! Sleeping under the stars, listening to the quiet of the night, beside your friends, charging up for another day of canoe tripping.

17. Senior Staff! Each year our Directors choose their Head and Yellow table staff. Year after year these staff continue to amaze us, and we are excited to see who will join us at the tables this year.

18. Days filled with activities! Camp without activities… yup, no such thing. Camp activities make camp life as exciting and enjoyable as it is and we are 100% looking forward to that.

countdown to jumping on the water trampoline

19. Program Staff! Speaking of camp activities, they can’t happen without the program staff that come to Canoe Lake each summer. We can’t wait to meet new program staff and welcome back returning staff for another summer at TSC.

20. Taking that first big jump on the water trampoline! Who’s going to be the first one on?! No one knows, but we sure are excited about it.

21. Making things! Without the creativity that hits camp each year, the dining halls, programs, cabins and artwork loved on Canoe Lake each summer wouldn’t be there. We are so stoked to see what more beauty will come to Canoe.

high ropes at camp ahmek for boys

22. Learning how to fish! Don’t worry, we put them back. Watching campers catch their first fish is too exciting not to put on the list.

23. Moments that have us laughing so hard it hurts!  Laughing; a pure form of joy. Laughter at Ahmek and Wapomeo is something we just can’t go without.

24. Long trip bonds! Quetico, Ishpatina, Bisco, and 50 Day are journeys of a lifetime. When long trips return from their trips and come back to camp there is just something so special about watching the connection they have created over 36,42 and 50 days.

25. Mealtimes! Eating meals in the dining hall is something we wish we could capture in a bottle and take home for whenever we feel camp sick.

26. Discovering new places! Travelling into new locations with your best mates is something we wouldn’t wanna trade for anything.

27. Big Event! Each year is different and we won’t find out until the time comes, what is this year’s event? Only time will tell and we can’t wait.

28. Camp Ahmek Iliad and Camp Wapomeo Revue! New as of Summer 2019, we are looking forward to seeing this show make a second appearance in Summer 2020.

29. Final Play! Along with Big Event, we have no idea what Final Play will be for Summer 2020. Any guesses?

camp ahmek for boys30. Evening Programs! Days are full of excitement, but the fun doesn’t end there. It continues into the evening and evening programs, new and old are much loved.

31. Everything else! Well… we started out with 31, but this list could go on forever. What are you most excited about?

Here’s to another Summer countdown and all that comes with it. Have an idea for a summer countdown blog? Reach out to us, we’d love to share it. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook.