Summer 2020 – We miss you

July 4th marked what would have been the first day of Summer 2020. Staff members would have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of campers. Returning campers longing to be reunited with their cabinmates, and for so many new campers – excited to start a lifetime of adventures on the shores of Canoe Lake.

Campers flying from all corners of the globe, duffles packed to the brims, busses filled with laughter and forming friendships, the barges piled with bags and the war canoes would be headed northbound on Canoe Lake towards a special summer at TSC. We are saddened that these memories will remain a memory until next year.

In a year full of change –  we have all had to adapt to new norms and forgo some of our most beloved activities and distance ourselves from our favorite people.  Although we might not be together today, we feel your presence and are thinking of all of you. This is just another stepping stone towards another great summer on Canoe Lake.

Our full time staff have made their way up to camp and have pivoted our efforts to working diligently towards getting the site ready for campers for 2021. We have started painting, canoe building, dock repairs, cabin refurbishing, roofing, plumbing and electrical upgrades in anticipation of the camp’s return next summer. We will continue to keep you updated as we complete projects and as the summer rolls on. 

“As we go through life, we are going to have all kinds of days. It is not all going to be sunshine, and if we can perhaps prepare ourselves today so that we get the very most we can out of it, it is going to help us in days to come. […] Let us see if we just can’t get set to make the most of this silver day.”-Delivered by Taylor Statten I on July 18, 1949