Canoe Tripping at TSC

Canoe trip is central to the values at the Taylor Statten Camps, what makes it so special is that no trip is ever the same. Every canoe trip will be a unique experience never to be duplicated due to the variety of routes travelled, the challenges of weather, such as rain, sun and wind and most importantly the personalities, characteristics and skills of the participants. As the cabin group shares the day to day challenges and joys of canoe tripping, they become a unified and cohesive group. The focus is on the cabin group as the canoe tripping unit supports the overall philosophy of the Taylor Statten Camps –development of the individual, while learning to “look out for others”.

The common element shared by each trip, providing the foundation on which the experience is built, is that of canoe tripping through a wilderness area. Ahmek and Wapomeo have maintained the most traditional form of canoe tripping developed in North America and introduced to the “coureur de bois” and the fur traders over three centuries ago. This form of canoe tripping presents numerous opportunities to the group which should be actively pursued whenever possible:

  • witnessing nature in its purest form, and developing an awareness and respect for the many natural formations, animals and vegetation;
  • the opportunity for adventure whether it be a pre-planned trip to a fire tower or abandoned lumber camp or a spontaneous sighting of a cow moose and calf feeding in marsh ;
  • learning about the cultural traditions and physical environment of the areas travelled;
  • the opportunity to challenge the individual members of the trip to a particular activity and instill in them a sense of accomplishment and feeling of success at completing a particular task;
  • the opportunity for individuals to learn new skills or refine existing ones;
  • having individuals come together as a group, appreciating the contribution made by each person no matter how small, and the common experience shared by the group as a whole.

To make the best of a canoe trip experience, the trip leader must be flexible and seize upon these opportunities whenever they arise. Spontaneity must be allowed and encouraged. The most important thing to remember when on a canoe trip is to be safe and have fun ? .

Written by Leo De Ruiter, Taylor Statten Camps Canoe Trip Coordinator.