Canoe Lake August Update

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of August. The time has flown by so fast! We have been keeping ourselves very busy with various projects in and around both camps. Since our last update, we have been working hard and diligently on so many things around both TSC camps and we wanted to let you know about it. These updates and changes will make our next summer back together at camp even better than we already know it will be.

We have completed our work on the Ahmek swim dock – it looks amazing and ready for swimming lessons! We have dug trenches and added drainage pipes on the beach in order for the rainfall to flow properly back into the lake without eroding the sand. We have also started updating several roofs around camp. There is a constant cycle, every year, of updating the roofs to keep the cabins dry and in great shape for the summer season ahead.

What have we been doing at Wapomeo? We have been super busy at Wap as well. Last week, we updated the gravity fed water tank at Wapomeo and replaced it with a pump system behind the dining hall – the new platform looks great! Fun fact, the Wapomeo bell used to be hung under the old water tank. The bell was remounted last summer and the water tank was lowered for ease of access and safety.  Additionally, we have started updating the boiler room at Wap by adding flooring. This will allow for a new laundry facility at Wapomeo which will be used for any infirmary needs or quick cleanings.

Over the many years that TSC has been operating, many odds and ends that needed to be done have accumulated around camp, but there is never enough time to get everything done! We have been taking advantage of this “down time” to do an extra long “spring clean” of Ahmek and Wapomeo. We have a long “to do” list of cleaning up, clearing up and organizing. TSC will be in tip top shape to reopen next summer.

We have also been focused on improving the inside experience for campers on those rainy days. We have created a new program area for rainy day activities in the old paddle shop. This space will be great for campers to continue canoe lessons, yoga and music  on those wet and rainy inside days. We have painted the floors and tables in the Ahmek Arts and Crafts cabin. They look fantastic, fresh and vibrant. The many years of rich TSC history and names on the walls just pop out at you now!

We have another month of maintenance ahead and there is still lots to do. We are very motivated and powering on and through our list of projects and tasks. We know  Ahmek and Wapomeo will be in incredible shape for you all to enjoy another amazing “TSC Summer” very soon!