Canoe Trip Reflection

After having a summer to reflect while on a canoe trip, Nico de Ruiter, wrote this lovely passage surrounded by vast lakes and tall trees:

“There is nothing like it. It’s something you can only feel – impossible to describe. It’s the sound of your paddle sinking into the water, surrounded only by what is pure. Sleeping under the stars, woken by light. Sun on your face, wind through your hair. Laughter and tears, but no true despair. Frozen in time, but the boats moved forward.

Eventually the flag must be furled. What felt like an eternity has come to an end. It felt so natural, like living in a dream. Family at arms, you achieved your goals. You feel so different, but the world has barely changed. What to make of this feeling? You know it will fade. Why must you go, if this is all you need.

But you smile that it happened. You know it was real. You lived in the trees, away from the noise. Your mind wandered to thoughts you’ve never pondered. Mountains were peaked, lakes were conquered. You moved up current, losing your mind but finding yourself. You were a child of nature, truly bush crazy but really, the sanest you have ever felt.

This was not the beginning, nor will it be the end. Memories of a lifetime, until we meet again.”

-Nico de Ruiter

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