Alumni in Residence

TSC Alumni in Residence Program 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of our Alumni in Residence program!

As we work to ‘close the gap’ with some of our campers and staff, TSC is fortunate to have many of the most notable experts in the fields of outdoor education and summer camping willing to assist us. We are so appreciative of their involvement and look forward to hearing from those who would also like to join us.

The intent of this program is threefold:

  • enhance the in-camp experience for our campers (ranging across all our activities from canoe trip skill workshops to Master’s paddling classes to Sailing, Music and other Arts leadership courses);
  • provide continuous improvement to our staff skill set by way of experienced/expert alumni mentorship;
  • continue the engagement of our valuable alumni community with our ongoing summer operations.

In our first year of running this program formally, our intention is to secure four (4) alumni for 1 week of residency each. The dates are yet to be confirmed, but will occur in the months of July and August 2022.

There is also the opportunity to assist during pre-pre and pre-camp staff training depending on the interest and skill of the alumnus. We are also working towards one or two Canoe Trip-focused Workshops during late May and/or early June.

This is a volunteer position that comes with free meals and accommodation. There will be a Volunteer Contract along with standard non-disclosure agreements, as well as police background checks. The famed ‘Eastaugh Cabin’ aptly named the Beaver Tale will serve as your private accommodation while in residence with us. It is a water access cabin located beyond the current Voyageur Section at Camp Ahmek in the old ‘CIT City”. A boat or canoe (your choice) will be assigned to you for your use to travel to and from the Beaver Tale. The cabin is well appointed with electricity, a full kitchen, 3 pc washroom and wood stove. It is a one room cabin with the sleeping quarters in the main living space, and suitable for 1 or 2 people.

The camp is very open to the type of skill set/s an alumni applicant can bring to the camp setting. It can range from expertise in one of our currently offered Program Activities, to something new and exciting that might enhance or add to the experience of our campers.
The expertise can also fall into the category of Counselling, Teaching, Leadership, or Wellness as opposed to a specific activity skillset.
This program is meant to be an IN-CAMP residency (as opposed to some alumni who already come back and act as Counsellors for our Try-Out Campers, or lead short Canoe Trips).

The following activities come to mind, but it is not an exhaustive list, and we welcome new ideas!

  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Riding
  • Music
  • Dance (Fitness and Aerobics or FAD as it often referred to) and Drama (final play, lip sync, Karaoke support)
  • Campcraft & Canoe tripping (technical skills AND essential group dynamic skills)
  • Woodworking and Carpentry
  • Paddle Making
  • Arts and Crafts
    Art classes- drawing, painting, cartooning etc
  • Field Sports (basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, pickleball)
  • Counselling and working with young people
    Wellness Counselling- mental and physical health specialists
  • Outdoor Leadership

This program will be a success if the Alumni Volunteers who come to camp are eager and excited to work with young people in an outdoor setting. As you well know, the camp environment thrives on positivity, experiential education, and fun!

The Alumni Program is not meant to be an opportunity for volunteers to re-live their glory days, or simply enjoy a one week vacation on Canoe Lake. The glory days that we live each and every day at camp may look a lot like your days of old but much is different and new and exciting. We need you to arrive with a vibrant energy that has the best interests of the campers and staff at heart. We also need people who are here to be helpful and well-meaning. Of course we want constructive feedback, and of course we are always looking for continuous improvement. I want to do things differently if they are not working or need adjusting within our operational model, but we need that help and critique provided to us as part of a team environment that is very dynamic and very ‘youthful’ with its ever-changing forms of generational expression ☺

To that end, applications of interest are to be sent to

We would like all interested people to submit prior to March 1, 2022 so we can effectively plan the summer schedule.

In your email, please outline:

  • who you are and what your connection to camp is including when you attended camp
  • any certifications you hold, i.e., Red Cross, CYA, Life Saving, ORCKA, TSC Certs, WMA and any other qualifications
  • what your dates of availability are during June, July, and August
  • what skills or area of supports you would like to bring to the camp
  • whether you have a partner intending to accompany you (we don’t recommend alumni coming if/when they have young campers at camp. The residency is also not set up for children to accompany the Alumni Volunteer(s))

We will be deciding who attends based on a number of factors including availability, suitability, and a proper balance of skill offering. We also plan to expand the program in the future to provide space for more Alumni. So please reach out anytime.

Thank you again for your interest! We are very excited for all that 2022 is going to offer us and hope that many of you will consider this program.


David Jefferies

VP Operations
c. 705 985-6959

Note: the Assistant Director position at Ahmek is currently open for application. The camp is interested in hearing from all suitable applicants, including people like teachers with the summer off who perhaps have children of camper age, and who can benefit from a staff discount structure for camper fees.
We are interested in a recurring engagement that benefits the applicant and the camp. Please contact me if interested.

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