Being a Staff Member at TSC

Whether you are an 8 year old camper - or a first year staff member - a summer at camp can change your life!

TSC is special to me because of the memories, the friends and the lessons I’ve learnt as well as the ones I’ve been privileged enough to teach. While the camp and ground it sits on are stunning what makes the place special to me is the people and the experience that is created there.

Why do you want to work at Taylor Statten Camps?

Wapomeo is one of the most special things in my life – and after this past summer’s camp absence due to COVID, I truly realized what a fundamental part of life Wapomeo and canoe trip is to me. Ever since I was a Kiowa, I have always dreamed of being a staff, as I looked up to my counsellors as mentors and friends, and especially respected them as incredibly strong and capable women who were kind and adventurous. To have the possibility of being a mentor to the younger kids at Wap means a lot to me, and I think through my organizational and leadership skills, along with my deep love for camp, I will able to make their experiences positive ones. 🙂

What makes TSC special to you?

I think the strong community of like-minded, yet diverse, individuals is what makes TSC special to me. Being on Canoe Lake or out on canoe trip, not having relentless distractions of technology or city life, and really focusing on building real friendships and relationships with other people is the most special part of TSC to me. I think one of the best parts about spending time in nature is letting go of some of those distractions that take up our day to day lives, and I’ve realized that by taking away some of those distractions, you develop stronger and lasting friendships which are not only applicable at camp, but also in all other aspects of life. Camp friends are the closest and best friends, and that is a specifically special part of TSC for me. 🙂

Why do you want to work at Taylor Statten Camps?

After attending Taylor Statten Camps since I was a child, this summer didn’t feel the same. I missed Canoe Lake, portaging, tripping, and taking care of my campers. I love the experiences Camp Wapomeo has provided me throughout the years and the impact that I’ve been able to make on my campers as a staff member, as my staff did to me. I cannot wait to continue my career at the Taylor Statten Camps for years to come. I’m so passionate about the values that Taylor Statten Camps has taught me such as resilience, compassion, and a love for nature. I also cherish the friends and community of Wapomeo so much.  I.L.

What makes TSC special to you?

TSC has been the essence of my summer for over a decade. I can say without a doubt that I am the person I am today because of my

experiences at TSC. This summer, I found myself longing for the warm, sunny July afternoons and silver, misty August mornings on Canoe Lake. I piece of my heart lives at Canoe Lake, and my memories there are absolutely irreplaceable. The aspect that stands out most to me is the everlasting friendships and community at TSC. It has a unique way of igniting a bond with everyone in the community, through a love of nature and appreciation for togetherness. It’s amazing to think that my cabin mate from Tuscie Park is my best friend to this day. I also appreciate seeing these friendships grow as a counsellor, watching the campers grow to help each other with their packs during a muddy portage or bonding over their love for making bracelets in Arts and Crafts. TSC is absolutely magical in its ability to inspire the best in us I.L.

Why do you want to work at Taylor Statten Camps?

I would love the opportunity to work at Taylor Statten Camps for many reasons. I love working with kids as it is a very rewarding experience to watch the girls gain self-confidence and create special bonds with their cabin mates throughout the summer, much like I did when I was their age. The role a counsellor plays in facilitating this growth and care for themselves and each other is something I feel is very important to me.

Every work experience I have with kids helps me better myself as well and reinforces a youthful curiosity and admiration for the world around me. Every year at TSC I have had wonderful women to guide me through every experience, and to grow as a person. My counsellors have been the ones to hold my hand when I’m homesick, stay up all night in the infirm with me when I had the flu, never take sides in cabin conflicts, but help us learn to mediate and solve our own issues. My counsellors have been the ones to swim by my side during the swim tests when I was scared of the water, pull me out of waist-deep mud and double back on portages to encourage us with enthusiastic words, or silly songs. No matter what it was, my counsellors have always been there for me. They have taught me to be bold, strong, and confident through their undying patience, empathy and strength. The person I am so proud to be today would not be the same without the amazing staff that have guided me throughout my summers. I would want nothing more than to spend my summer with kids helping them become their best selves, not be afraid of failing, and connecting with the camp on a deeper level where they cannot wait for the next summer but know they will carry out the skills they learned into the city life.  Z.S.

What makes TSC special to you?

Taylor Statten Camps is my second home. Over the course of my summers, I have developed a deep love for Wapomeo, my long trip staff, and my amazing cabin mates who I consider family. My experiences with Wapomeo and canoe trip have changed me in so many ways, some of which I am still unaware of. Every day spent at camp, or on trip, I learn so much about the world around me, but also so much more about

the person I am. Wapomeo creates a very peaceful and safe environment to self-reflect. This facilitates self-awareness and growth in ways I could have never imagined. It used to be that I would be excited for camp because that’s where I could be myself the most. It was where I felt like I could be silly and goofy, where I could be bold and try new things that once scared me, where I could be confident and speak my mind. And over the course of my time spent there, this feeling of truly being myself only grew stronger. However, what changed was what I brought back with me to the city. Many people talk about how camp and city are two very different worlds, and I share this opinion as well. However, as I got older, I became more aware that my city self, previously less-confident and daring, started to take home the characteristics I let shine at camp. My experiences at Wapomeo and on long trip have changed me to be my best-self on a daily basis, not just at camp. The person I am so proud to be today I credit to a wonderful and healthy balance of challenges and “extra-pushes” to patience and acceptance from Wapomeo. This is not just from one aspect of the camp. It is the pure, calm, reflective nature of the environment and setting of the camp. It is the amazing campers and staff I have had the opportunity of knowing. It is the inevitable hurdles and obstacles one must face every day. And, it is the supportive, empathetic and encouraging environment given to each woman to face those obstacles head on. As I have grown older, I have realized that the deep connections and undying support system of Wapomeo will forever translate to every aspect of my life and I am forever grateful to be apart of the TSC community. Z.S.

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