A typical day at Camp Ahmek

  • 8:00 am

    A hearty breakfast followed by a morning meditation and musical selection to set the day off to a good start.

  • 9:15am - 12:00pm

    3 activity periods: Campers, along with their cabin mates and counselors participate in activities such as swimming, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, high-ropes, archery, just to name a few…

  • 12:30pm

    Lunch: eaten in the dining hall served with soup and fresh salads in the salad bar

  • 1:15-2:15 pm

    Rest-hour: Campers and staff recharge in preparation for the afternoon by taking a siesta, enjoying a quiet read in the library or challenging someone to a game of table-tennis.

  • 2:15-5:00pm

    3 activity periods - it's off to an afternoon filled with more fun activities.

  • 5:00

    Free Swim: open to all campers giving them a chance to tune up on their swimming skills or just a chance to splash around in the pool or take a leap off the high-dive

  • 6:00 pm

    Family-style dinner served in the dining hall where campers can reflect on the fun-filled day behind them and prepare themselves for the evening activity to follow

  • 7:30 pm

    Evening activity: includes event such as, capture the flag, ball hockey, ultimate frisbee, soccer, war canoe race, dodgeball, coffee houses, show nights, stargazing, scavenger hunts, campfires, storytelling

  • 9:00 pm


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