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Our Frequently Asked Questions (Camp FAQ) page is here to provide you with answers to some important questions. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help!

Why Choose The Taylor Statten Camps?

The Taylor Statten Camps offer the best combination of programmed activities and canoe tripping in Canada. While in camp, campers have the opportunity to participate in activities ranging from swimming and canoeing to horseback riding and rock climbing. Our canoe trips range in length from 2 to 50 days and allow campers to explore the most beautiful regions of Ontario.

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  • Why choose Taylor Statten Camps?

    The Taylor Statten Camps offer the best combination of programmed activities and canoe tripping in Canada. While in camp, campers have the opportunity to participate in activities ranging from swimming and canoeing to horseback riding and rock climbing. Our canoe trips range in length from 2 to 50 days and allow campers to explore the most beautiful regions of Ontario.

  • What is your Philosophy?

    TSC provides an amazing summer camp experience by creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere in a safe and healthy environment. Camp Ahmek for boys and Camp Wapomeo for girls are centered around core values of teamwork, camp craft tradition, and an appreciation for nature. Campers participate in programmed activities and canoe tripping where they develop lifelong friendships. Campers gain an increased sense of self confidence and maturity, but most importantly, they have a lot of fun. Our back-to-basics approach is unique and part of a family tradition that spans over 100 years.

  • What age are your campers? Which sessions are offered to what ages?

    We accept campers aged 6-17. We offer try-out camp to campers aged 6, 7, and 8. At 9 years old, campers must attend for at least 15 Days or 12 Days. At age 15, campers must attend for one or two months.

  • How do I register?

    You can register via our Rates and Dates page on our website. We only accept applications submitted through our website.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex). We also accept Canadian personal cheques, e-transfers, EDI bank payments, money orders and bank transfers.

    We do not accept any form of payment in American dollars.

    ** Please note that as of 2021 there is a credit card surcharge fee of 2.5%**

  • Is this a co-ed camp?

    No, we are two camps located on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park. Camp Wapomeo for Girls is situated on two islands, while Camp Ahmek for Boys is approximately 1.5 km north and located on  the mainland. Both camps share a brother-sister relationship and get together at least once a week for programming.

  • What programs do you offer at your camps?

    We have two primary programs at Taylor Statten Camps. Our in-camp program is traditional, with a range of activities such as archery, tennis, drama and pottery. Our canoe-tripping program is unparalleled, offering canoe trips for campers of all ages. For our younger campers, activities are programmed by your Section Director. Once you reach Voyageur or Obabika age, you can select your own activities, in addition to swimming and canoeing. Check out a typical day activites at Ahmek and Wapomeo.

  • Is there electricity at camp? Can my child bring electronics to camp?

    There is electricity in our dining halls and main bathrooms. Camper cabins do not have electricity and we ask that campers leave electronics at home. Ahmek and Wapomeo take a “back to basics” approach to the camp experience; we believe this allows campers to better appreciate the wilderness environment they will be immersed in.

  • How are your washroom facilities at camp?

    At each camp, there are main washroom facilities, which include flush toilets, running water and showers. Each section also has outhouse facilities available close the camper cabins.

  • Which cities do you provide transportation for?

    Our chartered buses travel to and from Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. For International Campers, we provide transportation to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Our transportation staff will escort campers to their airline gates at the end of each camp session. Please note, Montreal, Ottawa and Airport Bus transfers are only offered at the beginning and end of each month sessions.

    Please check our Transportation page for more information.

  • Who is taking care of my child?

    Our staff members are true summer camp enthusiasts, ready to make each camper realize and appreciate the joys and the wonders of the camp experience. The majority of our counsellors attended Ahmek and Wapomeo as campers. They are fun loving people who have a great deal of compassion, and are trained to handle any situation from bullying to bedwetting. We hire upwards of 250 summer staff  and run a two week training session prior to the arrival of the campers. These training sessions include Wilderness First Aid Training, CPR, Bronze Cross, Conflict Management Training and a review of our emergency procedures for both in camp and out on canoe trip. Our Senior Staff members (Activity Heads, Section Directors and Canoe Trip Guides) participate in Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Leadership seminars and spend time reviewing the camper files so that each camper gets customized support upon arrival.

  • What does my child need to bring to camp?

    Clothing lists are available on our What To Pack page. Please ensure that each piece of clothing sent to camp is clearly labelled with the campers first and last name.

  • What is canoe trip really like?

    Taylor Statten Camps canoe trips are truly once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Cabin groups embark together, so trips are planned with the interests and capabilities of their particular age in mind. Campers bond together as they work to make their trip a success – getting across the next portage, collecting firewood, cooking meals, bonding around the campfire, and then drifting off to sleep under a star-filled sky. There is little wonder as to how these adventures create incredible memories and life-long friendships.

  • What are special trips versus in-park trips?

    Everyone who comes to camp will go on a canoe trip. There are many different canoe trips available within the boundaries of Algonquin Park. These trips range from 2 to 12 day trips. Our returning month or two month session campers have the option to sign up for our ‘special canoe trips‘. These special trips are for campers who have already experienced Algonquin Park trips and are looking to explore different areas. These include Biscotasing, Temagami, Killarney, Quetico Provincial Park, Kipawa (QC) and many other regions of Ontario and Quebec. Special canoe trips range from 9 days to 50 days.

  • Where do your campers come from?

    Campers come from all across Canada, with the majority of our campers residing in Ontario and Quebec. In addition, many Americans join us each summer.  Presently international campers also come from Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UAE and the United Kingdom.

  • What is your camper to staff ratio?

    Our camper to staff ratio is 3:1. For our younger campers that ratio increases to 2:1 while on canoe trip.

  • How do I contact my camper? Can they contact me?

    The quickest way to contact your camper is through our  One-Way Email system. If there is an emergency during the summer and you need to contact your camper, please call our office at 705-633-5573 (Ahmek) or 705-633-5502 (Wapomeo).

    Another way to contact your child is through letters. You can find our mailing addresses here. Please note, the address may vary if your child is doing a special long trip.

    As we pride ourselves with our “back-to-basics” approach, campers do not have access to computers or the internet. We recommend sending your child to camp with pre-addressed and pre-stamped postcards or envelopes.

  • What does my child's day look like?

    Daily schedules can be found here – Ahmek and Wapomeo.

  • Is there any financial assistance available?

    Yes. Families can apply through the Taylor Statten Camps Bursary Fund. Families must register for camp first before they can apply for the Taylor Statten Camps Bursary Fund. Please indicate on your application if you are a Bursary applicant.

    Please note that while our names are similar, the camp and the Bursary Fund are separate organizations. Any decisions or processes are outside of the camps control. That being said, we encourage families in need of financial assistance to check out the TSCBF website

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Any cancellation of enrollment must be in writing. Emails are accepted. The Camp reserves the right to cancel enrollment if fees are not paid in full by April 1.

    For full details on our Cancellation policy please refer to our Terms and Conditions .

  • How many campers are in a cabin?

    Cabin sizes can vary depending on age and session. Campers in our 2 week or 1 month sessions, who are in our younger sections will typically be in a cabin of 6. At Ahmek, this refers to the Bantam, Pioneer and Mountaineer sections and at Wapomeo, this refers to the Kiosk, Tamarack and Sunbeam sections. For campers who are staying for 1 month and are in our older sections, the typical cabin size is 7. At Ahmek this refers to the Voyageur and Senior sections and at Wapomeo, this refers to the Obabika and Senior sections.

  • Does the camp provide laundry facilities?

    Yes. We have on-site laundry facilities. Campers typically get laundry once a week but this depends on session length and canoe trip schedules.

  • Do I need to send my child to camp with money for the Tuck Shop?

    No, you do not! In fact, please do not send your camper with a large amount of cash, as it is not needed.

    Each camp has a Tuck Shop on site which has an inventory of clothing, accessories and basic camp needs.

    If you have chosen a “Pre-Paid Tuck Shop Credit” option, this equates to your camper’s spending limit and means your account has credit. If you have not chosen a pre-paid option and have not indicated otherwise in writing via email, your camper will have a $250 + HST spending limit and your account does not have credit.

    You can change this limit by contacting the office via email.

    The only need for cash is for older campers on longer canoe trips.

    There is a store on the lake that your camper may go to with their counsellor and cabin group for which a $20 allowance is ample.

    If your camper is participating in an extended canoe trip or long canoe trip, there may be more opportunities to stop by stores. For these campers we suggest $40 – $60 depending on their canoe trip length.

    Please advise your camper to deposit any cash to the office at Ahmek or Wapomeo, immediately upon arrival. We cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen money that is not deposited in the office.

    Click here to contact us!

  • Do you have any religious affiliations?

    No, the Taylor Statten Camps are non-denominational.


Frequently Asked Questions by CampersFrequently asked questions from campers!Frequently asked questions (FAQ) with staff happy to answer!

  • Am I able to be in the same cabin as my friend(s)?

    Yes, as long as you mutually request each other in your application, are attending the same session and are close in age. We will try our best to place you together!

  • What is the food like? What if I'm allergic to certain foods like peanuts?

    We have a catering company make all the food on site at camp! It’s fresh and delicious. Most meals are served family-style and you sit at the same table as your cabin mates and counsellor.

    Do not fret about your allergies. We are a peanut-free camp and we are able to accommodate most dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan & lactose free.

    For celiac and gluten free needs, please call us at 416-486-6959 to discuss further.


  • Am I going to see any wild animals?

    Yes. As we are located in a large provincial park, your chances of seeing wild animals such as beavers, moose, squirrels, foxes and more are high. Under no circumstances do you approach these animals. We do not want to disturb them in their natural habitat. Your counsellors are trained to handle situations with wild animals in camp and on canoe trip.

  • Do I have to go on canoe trip?

    Yes. All campers coming for two weeks or longer must go on canoe trip. Your counsellors, CITs and guides will teach you everything you need to know about canoeing, portaging and camp site etiquette. Is it your first canoe trip? You’re not the only one. Many of our campers will be experiencing canoe trip for the first time as well. Canoe trip is a great way to build strong friendships, enjoy nature and overcome challenges together.

  • What if I get hurt or sick?

    We have two nurses and a doctor available at each camp at all times. If you need their assistance, let your counsellor know and they will escort you to the infirmary. If your counsellor is not around, ask any staff member for help.

If you have any pending questions, please contact us!

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