Facilities at Wapomeo

Located on Two Serene Islands

  • Swimming Area

    Take a dip in Canoe Lake during your swimming lessons, free swim or pool party evening activity!

  • Canoe Docks

    Perfect your soloing and J-Stroke technique during canoeing lessons!

  • Dining Hall

    Our Dining Hall is not only the home of great food and good company, but also ample evidence of the vast history of Camp Wapomeo campers, art and canoe trips.

  • The Wapomeo Main Lodge

    Our lodge, complete with indoor/outdoor stage, library, and professional sound system is the ideal setting for the many theatrical and musical performances as well as daily yoga sessions.

  • Camper Cabins

    Rustic and well-maintained cabins employed for comfortable summer accommodations.

The Camping Adventure of a Lifetime!

Rates & Dates