Our Canoe Tripping Program

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Canoe trip offers campers a pure and holistic lifestyle, free from the hectic schedules found in urban daily routines. Campers develop a lasting appreciation for the rewards of cooperation, as they work together to get over the next portage, putting up their camper tent, collecting firewood, and leave a virtually untouched environment, after a great meal.

With trips going out all across Northern Ontario and Western Quebec,the TSC Special Canoe Tripping Program is unrivaled by any other. It fosters independent growth as well as social camaraderie by encouraging campers to triumph over physical and mental challenges. In addition, safety, equality, hard work, determination and individual development are also fundamental practices of the program.

Every camper will experience a canoe trip with their session assigned cabin group, participating in carefully designed trips for their age and ability. The majority of our canoe trips leave right from camp and follow a circuit through Algonquin Park. For more experienced trippers, we offer special longer canoe trips to the Kipawa, Quetico, and Biscotasing areas of Ontario and Quebec.


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  • Algonquin Park Trips

    Algonquin Park is our home and the mainstay of our tripping program. A ‘Park Trip’ is included in every session. This trip comes at no additional cost to the basic session fee.

    Campers leave from camp and travel either north or south through Algonquin Park.  The length of the trip depends upon the age of the campers and how long they are staying at camp.  Trips range from one night for our youngest campers to 12 days for our oldest campers.

    Click here to learn more about Algonquin Park.

  • Temagami Trips ($1250 + HST)

    Similar to our canoe trips through Algonquin Provincial Park, Temagami trips will vary in length, depending on the age of the campers. Temagami trips are extended canoe trips for campers that already have previous Algonquin Park canoe tripping experience. Campers depart from camp via bus and start their trips from various access points in Temagami. Highlights may include visits to Paradise Lagoon, McConnell Bay, Upper Goose falls and many new destinations not previously reachable from TSC’s former Outpost. Please note: campers aged 13 within the calendar year can be placed on a either a J2/A2 OR J3/A3, depending on enrollment numbers, requests and experience level.  The trip code will be indicated on the confirmation letter sent out via email.

  • Killarney Trips ($1250 + HST)

    This Canoe trip offers a unique destination in Killarney Provincial Park. The area is known for its wilderness landscapes scattered with stunning lakes and picturesque mountains, often covered in white quartzite ridges.

    Campers depart from camp via bus to Killarney Provincial Park where they complete a loop of one of the most historical and beautiful parks in Ontario.

    Highlights of this trip include Nelly lake, Silver peak and the ability to visit the sites which are subject of many famous Group of Seven paintings.

    Killarney differs from most of our Canoe trips as there are many Day-trip hikes throughout the park, which we often schedule into the trip.

    Please Note: This trip depends solely on campsite availability in Killarney Provincial Park. It is not guaranteed every year – please ensure your child has a second choice trip in mind when registering.

    Click here to learn more about Killarney

    *Maximum Cabin Size: 7*

  • Barron River Trips ($980 + HST)

    We are pleased to offer to our 12-14 year old campers, a challenging 12-day Algonquin Park canoe trip. This trip allows campers to see parts of Algonquin which most campers do not see. It begins at camp and travels across the park, concluding in the majestic Barron River Canyon.

    See some of Algonquin’s spellbinding natural jewels like the wondrous rapids of the Petawawa River, the massive Rock Lake cliffs, and Eustache Lake; the deepest lake in the park ringed by 80 ft cliffs that travel another 300 ft below the water. It is a hidden treasure worth the journey!

    Trips also become historical as they travel down the region’s oldest logging route. Campers see relics from the early days of Algonquin’s logging history, and learn about one of Canada’s oldest industries.

    This canoe trip is quite portage heavy which should be considered when signing up. Barron River is considered to be a major stepping stone in the TSC Long trip journey.

    *Maximum Cabin Size: 7*

  • Kipawa Trips ($2000 + HST)

    Considered by many in the TSC community to be the first of the Long trips offered at the Taylor Statten Camps. This canoe-trip offers campers their first look at what it feels to be on a longer canoe trip.  Kipawa is in the Province of Quebec and is a vast area of lakes, rivers and forest located to the north-east of Lake Temiscaming and Ottawa River. For years, the area has been a haven for canoe trippers and anglers, known for its wonderful fishing. The dominant feature of the area is Lac Kipawa, a 300 km2 lake which is one of the larger lakes TSC trips through. Spouting from this is the Kipawa River, which meanders through the district connecting the many lakes. It is an area where emphasis is definitely on paddling.  Some of the major Highlights of the Trip include visiting Hunters Point, marveling at the vast cliffs at Bay Hae, paddling parts of Lac Kipawa, visiting Turner Falls and traversing the Kipawa River.

    For more information on the Kipawa area, click here!

    *Maximum Cabin Size 7*


  • 30 Day Trip ($2350 + HST)

    A new trip option created for campers who want to participate in a long trip but are unable to stay for the full two months. This is an exclusive session length that is only associated with the 30 Day Trip, and vice versa. Campers will arrive at camp at the beginning of the summer and depart mid-August. The 30 Day Trip will be 30 days in length, with 2 food drops, and combine some of the highlights of our longer trips. The trip will start in the Bisco and Temagami area spending roughly 20 days here before meandering down the Ottawa river into Algonquin Park ending on Canoe Lake at Camp.

    Campers will get to experience the beautiful areas of Biscotasing, Temagami, the Ottawa River as well as Algonquin Park and arguably one of the coolest experiences camp has to offer, which is starting at a remote location in Northern Ontario and paddling all the way back to camp. The dates of the trip have been set to allow campers not only time to experience an incredible canoe trip but also ample time to enjoy all the in camp activities, including the Big Event in August!


  • Quetico Trips ($3150 + HST)

    Quetico Provincial Park, one of Ontario’s wilderness parks, preserves an area of great natural value and is of much historical significance. A rugged landscape of majestic granite cliffs, spectacular waterfalls, tangled lakes and rivers, makes Quetico a breathtaking encounter. Wildlife abounds and the fishing for bass, trout, pickerel and northern pike, is superb.

    When travelling through the park, one can almost hear the Voyageurs of yesteryear. These waters were their highway, as they brought the furs of the continental interior down to the North West Company’s Fort William on the shore of Lake Superior.

    The Taylor Statten Camps first sent groups to Quetico in 1965. What began as participation in an Ontario Camping Association Centennial Program, has become one of the most popular canoe tripping events offered by the Camps. The wet spray of Louisa Falls, the lonely cry of the loon, the eerie glow of the Northern Lights. These things and more, make our Quetico canoe trip, an unforgettable experience.

    *Maximum Cabin Size: 7*

    Links to Quetico sites:
    Quetico Provincial Park,
    Quetico 100 Years Stewardship Project
    The Quetico Foundation

  • Ishpatina Trips ($2500 + HST)

    Ishpatina is an amazing 36 day journey  through the Biscotasing and Temagami Area in Northern Ontario. Named after Ishpatina Ridge, the highest point in Ontario and one of the many highlights of the trip. Campers leave from Camp together and travel to Northern Ontario from there they travel through Provincial Parks such as Biscotasi, Solace, and Smoothwater.  This trip offers the ability to travel throughout the Temagami and Biscotasing Area while also being able to enjoy the beautiful shores of Canoe Lake.

    *Maximum Cabin Size: 7*

  • Bisco Trips ($2600 + HST)

    Situated north-west of Sudbury, the Biscotasing area reveals a terrain similar to that of the Temagami and Kipawa areas. Waterfalls, rivers, the height of land and its long lakes, make Biscotasing a diverse and incredibly beautiful area in which to travel.

    Highlights of previous trips have included some exploratory work, pictographs, meeting local trappers, climbing Ontario’s two highest points, and not to mention its incredible fishing.

    The town of Biscotasing occupies an important niche in Canadian history. For many years it was the home of Grey Owl, one of the earliest leaders of the conservation movement. A trip through the Biscotasing area has something to offer for everyone. We hope that our campers will continue to take advantage of what so many (since 1979), have qualified as “the trip of a lifetime”.

    For a map of the Bisco area, click here.

  • 50 Day Multi-Park Trips ($2900 + HST)

    For only the most seasoned long canoe tripper, our 50 day canoe trips are defined as the pinnacle of the Taylor Statten Camps canoe tripping experience. Travelling through Northern and Central Ontario and ending in Algonquin Park is truly a life-changing experience for both campers and staff.

    *Maximum Cabin Size: 7*

Important Application Dates
November 5th – Camper Registration Opens
December 31st – Last Day for Timely Registration for Long Canoe Trips*
February 15th – March 31st – Long Canoe Trip & Long Canoe Trip Cabin Assignment confirmations sent out via email**
By May 31st – Long Canoe Trip Staff Assignments are sent out via email.

*Long Canoe Trip Applications are considered up until camp begins (space/logistics permitting), but priority consideration is given to applicants that apply by December 31.

**The Long Canoe Trip fee is due at the time of confirmation and is non-refundable after 5 days.

See Our Long Canoe Trip Policy

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