Camp Chat!

Calling all Camp enthusiasts in Toronto, age 8- 12!  The Ontario Camps Association is looking to interview some incredible camp kids in Toronto f0r a news segment on the CBC! If your camper would be a great candidate for the interview, please read below: The OCA is planning a OCA Town Hall Event on Monday, […]

Carrots, Eggs, Coffee and 2020 Adversity

As our world continues to face many forms of adversity, this 2014 morning meditation by Greg Albisser needs to be shared. The Taylor Statten Camps have taught us many different ways to push through adversity through our canoe trips, team building exercises and in-camp programming. “Carrots, Eggs, Coffee and Adversity” a morning meditation that our […]


“Making friends is one of the most valuable factors of our camp life. Every summer campers meet people whom they never cease to like. Wherever we go we see evidence of this. In schools and colleges throughout the country, it is the usual rather than the exceptional thing to see two or more people who […]

Interview with Dave Standfield

This week we sat down with the one and only, Dave Standfield! Dave is our resident canoe builder here at the Taylor Statten Camps and after 43 years has a lot of interesting stories to share.  Dave has been responsible for the hand built Algonquin Special canoe since the 1990s. My name is Esme Cook […]

Canoe Trip Reflection

After having a summer to reflect while on a canoe trip, Nico de Ruiter, wrote this lovely passage surrounded by vast lakes and tall trees: “There is nothing like it. It’s something you can only feel – impossible to describe. It’s the sound of your paddle sinking into the water, surrounded only by what is […]

Canoe Lake August Update

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of August. The time has flown by so fast! We have been keeping ourselves very busy with various projects in and around both camps. Since our last update, we have been working hard and diligently on so many things around both TSC camps and we wanted […]

Canoe 4 COVID – We are proud

Camp teaches us to be resilient. We learn to smile through muddy portages, persevere across windy lakes and to find the joy in living off the grid in the woods of Algonquin Park. In a summer unlike any other it is hard to find silver linings. When the news of camps across Ontario closing for […]

Canoe Tripping at TSC

Canoe trip is central to the values at the Taylor Statten Camps, what makes it so special is that no trip is ever the same. Every canoe trip will be a unique experience never to be duplicated due to the variety of routes travelled, the challenges of weather, such as rain, sun and wind and […]

Summer 2020 – We miss you

July 4th marked what would have been the first day of Summer 2020. Staff members would have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of campers. Returning campers longing to be reunited with their cabinmates, and for so many new campers – excited to start a lifetime of adventures on the shores of Canoe Lake. Campers flying […]