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Helpful Tips for Staff

So you have your contract, but you need some guidance on what to do? Check below for some answers! These helpful tips aimed at helping the major questions we receive from staff during the staffing process. If you find that your question is not fully answered in these tips, don’t hesitate – contact us. We want to ensure you are ready to take on summer with Ahmek or Wapomeo and that includes paperwork, certifications and the must-knows for each year.

Don’t hesitate to contact david@taylorstattencamps.com for anything you do not understand. For more information about what summer looks like for new staff, we highly recommend checking out our Facebook and Instagram pages. You’ll be able to see camp life in its most real form through photos and videos – other than being at camp of course. If you’re a new staff, don’t be afraid to check out our packing list for campers – it will give you an idea of how to pack and prepare for the summer. If you have any ‘helpful tips’ we should add to our list, let us know!

Please make sure all your certifications are valid throughout the length of your summer contract.

  • How do I combine my paperwork into one PDF to upload to campbrain?

    Option 1 SCAN: Print the paperwork package. Fill out the documents as required. Then scan and upload each document separately, as per what campbrain requires. For example you may need to combine more than one page per document upload; such as the Tax forms, as they have more than one page each. To do so, when you scan them, scan them together (NOT separately) so you computer registers and saves the document as one document.

    Option 2 ADOBE: Adobe (for more guidance watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajT5QG346mM)
    1. Click on the tools menu 
    2. Select combine files
    3. Click, drag and drop to reorder the files and pages to the order of upload. 
    4. When finished arranging files, click combine files

    Option 3 WEBSITE:
    Combine all PDF files using this website: https://www.pdfmerge.com/
    Upload files, download and save your pdf. 


  • Do I need my Emergency First Aid + CPR B?

    Yes, TSC requires all staff members to arrive to camp with their Emergency First Aid + CPR B certification.  If you do not upload your certifications to your contract by June 1st, you will be enrolled in the course at pre-camp. The cost of the course will be charged back to you. The cost of the course is significantly cheaper to complete in the city. We strongly recommend you complete all certifications before coming to camp. 🙂

    If you have a certification from the Lifesaving Society, it is only valid for 2 years. Your certificate has a ‘Member ID’ number at the bottom right or top right. This number can be used to access all your previous certifications. Enter your Member ID at the Lifesaving Society here:  https://www.lifesavingsociety.com/find-a-member.aspx . If you don’t know your member id, call the Lifesaving Society and they will be happy to assist you! You can not re-certify an Emergency First Aid + CPR B certification form the Lifesaving Society. You must complete the course again to have a valid certification. 

    If you have a Red Cross certification, it is valid for 3 years. All Red Cross certifications can be re-certified through the Canadian Red Cross.

    If you are an international staff member joining us, double check that the certification you are receiving is applicable to the Canadian Emergency First Aid + CPR B equivalent. If you are unsure, please contact us for help!

  • When do I need to do my Bronze Cross? 

    You must complete your Bronze Cross after you have completed your Emergency First Aid and CPR B course. Both must be valid during your summer employment if stated in your contract! Please, don’t hesitate to contact david@taylorstattencamps.com for any further guidance!

  • I did my Bronze Medallion, what do I do now?

    A Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid and CPR B are required to get your Bronze Cross! Don’t forget you need to get your Emergency First Aid and CPR B before you get your Bronze Cross for your Bronze Cross to be valid!

  • Do you accept Standard First Aid and CPR C?

    Yes! The Standard First Aid and CPR C certification is one step above the Emergency First Aid + CPR B, so we also accept this certification.

    The SFA + CPR C certificates from the Lifesaving Society allow you to re-certify only once (within 3 years of original certification). If you have already re-certified, you will be unable to re-certify and must complete the course again to get this certification. 


    You have your NLS. Then your Standard First Aid + CPR C is valid for 3 years (as long as your NLS is not expired during this time).

    For  more information call Carlene at the TSC Toronto office at: (416) 486 6959

  • Where do I have to get my certifications (Local & International Staff)?

    Please note: if you are an international staff member we require you to obtain Canadian certifications. 

    We will only accept Emergency First Aid + CPR B from the following: 

    To get your swimming certifications ( Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and etcetera) check out: 

    Go to Shendy’s Swim Centre as a Taylor Statten Camp staff member and receive 10%. (Discount Code: QLTXRNS9) 




    Zodiac Swim School

    International Staff:

    • Camp Canada participants and TSC  international staff are welcome to register for Camp Canada Lifesaving courses.  Unfortunately, due to provincial policy requirements, we are not able to enroll local Canadians in these courses, but please feel free to contact Shendy’s Swim Centre directly for additional information regarding their spring courses for local camp staff: www.shendys.com or call 416 576-7946.
  • Where do I get a background check?

    There are a couple ways you can obtain a background check!

    1. Go to your local police station or local police station’s website

    2. Go to http://www.backcheck.net/cca/ and click “Ontario Camp Association (OCA)”. Next, click “Camp Ahmek” OR “Camp Wapomeo.” This will lead you to the page where you can create an account and proceed through the steps to share with the camp.
    *This is the easiest and most cost effective way to obtain your background check at $29.00 + HST. If you do not go through the link above (Canadian Camping Association), you will be charged $59.00 + HST.* 

  • Where do I do my Worker Health and Safety Awareness Certification?


    Complete the course in the link above and save/ screen shot your proof of completion! Then upload this to your contract paperwork!

    If you have completed this course in the past you do not have to complete it again ( as long as you have proof of completion). You will be unable to complete this at camp and must complete and upload this certificate before arriving to Canoe Lake.

  • Where do I get my pleasure craft licence?

    This is a boating licence and is required by many of our senior staff at camp each summer. If your contract requires you to have a pleasure craft licence you must get it before you arrive to camp and upload it to your online paperwork on CampBrain!

    Click here to get your pleasure craft operating licence. 

  • Where do I upload my paperwork?

    All paperwork must be uploaded to your staff account.

    Step 1: Log into the staff portal. 

    Step 2: Under the current year’s application, click “View/Upload Paperwork” 

    Step 3: Upload away! Make sure to read all the notes carefully. Each document title has an explanation next to it, detailing what is required and which positions are relevant.