Applying for a Bursary

It is in this spirit that we eagerly look to share these experiences by helping bridge the gap between camp fees and what families can afford.

The Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund (TSCBF) was established in 1972 in honour of our founder, Taylor Statten. For families that find paying for Camp Ahmek or Camp Wapomeo beyond their means, the TSCBF offers financial support. The “Bursary Fund” is made up of a number of endowment funds (subfunds) each with a separate mandate.

The subfund that exclusively subsidizes boys and girls to attend Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo is called the “Dr. Tay Fund” in honour of Dr. Taylor Statten, former Director of Camp Ahmek and the son of Taylor Statten I.  Applicants must be at least 11 years of age and be applying for an August session (August month, August 12 day or August 15 day). Full Session campers are able to apply but they will be looked at as an August Month applicant.

Application Procedure

The application procedure for applying for a bursary to attend the Taylor Statten Camps (TSC) is as follows:

  1. Register your camper online. A deposit of $1500 (August, August 15 Day and August 12 Day) or $2500 (Full Session) is required at the time of registration to activate the bursary application process.
  2. Make sure that you indicate in the special request fields of the online application that you are interested in applying for a bursary.
  3. Once registered, TSC will email an acknowledgement of registration and a separate Bursary Fund application.
  4. Submit this application by mail, along with requested documents, to the address indicated on the first page of the Bursary Fund application.
  5. You will be contacted by a member of the Bursary Fund, who may request a personal interview, to discuss with you the status of your application. Please note that once the application is submitted to the TSCBF, the Taylor Statten Camps is no longer involved. The decision regarding the success of the application, as well as further communication, comes directly from the TSCBF.
  6.  If the application is not successful and you do not wish to continue with the registration, your deposit will be refunded, minus a $100 application charge.

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Identifying Suitable Applicants

The Taylor Statten Camps are proactive in identifying potential Bursary Fund applicants. Athough financial need is the most important criterion, the Camps have established some other basic criteria. Applicants must be at least 11 years of age and would benefit through TSC’s programs. Applicants should be friendly, adaptable, enthusiastic and capable of strenuous physical activity. Ability to swim reasonably well (endurance) is also important. If you know of a young person who fits this profile and you wish more information, please contact our Camp Office (416-486-6959) for further details.

Charitable Donations

Most Bursary Fund donations come from generous TSC alumni and parents. The Taylor Statten Camps also assist by reducing fees as mandated by the Bursary Fund by-laws. However, others outside of our organization have also seen fit to give because they believe in the positive impact camp has on developing healthy and thoughtful young adults.

If you wish to make a contribution to assist a boy or girl to attend Camp Ahmek or Camp Wapomeo, please send a cheque made out to The Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund. Please clearly indicate that your donation is to be allocated to the “Dr. Tay Fund”.

Forward your contribution by mail to:

The Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund
P.O. Box 1128, TD Centre Postal Station
77 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5K 1P2.

Please ensure you enclose a return address so that a charitable receipt can be sent to you. For large donations or bequests, please contact Taylor C. Statten at the TSC Camp Office to ensure your wishes are handled personally.