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Taylor Statten Camps (TSC)
Camp Ahmek & Camp Wapomeo

The Taylor Statten Camps (TSC) are overnight summer camps situated on the shores of Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. TSC includes Camp Wapomeo for girls, and Camp Ahmek for boys.

Camp Ahmek for boys is located on the mainland, while Camp Wapomeo for girls is spread over two islands in the middle of the lake. Both camps accept children aged between 6 – 16 for camp sessions that last from four days to two months depending on their age. Campers split their time between canoe tripping and our in-camp program which includes a schedule of varied summer camp activities including swimming lessons, rock climbing, sailing and horseback riding. Children aged 12 years and younger are placed in a cabin group of six campers, while children aged 13 – 16 are placed in cabin groups of seven campers. The cabin group experience helps children to understand how to be a good team player and the dynamics of a group. TSC is a warm, nurturing and safe environment that allows children to have fun and grow as an individual at their own pace.

Your child will learn the core camp values of teamwork, camp craft tradition, respect for each other, their surroundings and a real and meaningful appreciation for nature. We want to make sure that your child has an incredible summer experience. We want your children to be engaged and interested which helps them mature, build on their social skills and self- confidence. The Taylor Statten Camps provide a truly wholesome summer adventure for your child.

They will form lifelong friendships and create unforgettable memories. Their experience will be fun, educational and adventurous.

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