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With so many activities to choose from, each day at camp is different!

Campers are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of camp activities supervised by well-trained and experienced staff for the best individual skill improvement. With our tennis courts, riding stables, high ropes and climbing wall, sailboats, kayaks, and world-renowned fleet of cedar strip canoes, campers quickly become familiar with TSC’s active lifestyle. Though campers participate in swimming and canoeing daily, the rest of the day’s activities are varied through the week, and certain to inspire fun that could never be had in the city. Some activities are camp specific as indicated by a (W) for Camp Wapomeo or an (A) for Camp Ahmek. All other activities are available for use for both camps.

The Taylor Statten Camps – In Camp Activities


Canoe Tripping Program (W/A)


The Canoe Tripping program at Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo gives campers the opportunity to explore the Canadian back country in the most holistic way possible. The TSC Canoe Tripping Program has grown into one of the most well-known tripping programs in Ontario, with over 90 years of history and tripping experience. With canoe trips spanning from 2 days to 50 days, TSC canoe trips are unique and a special part of camp life at the Taylor Statten Camps.

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Canoeing (W/A)


During Canoeing campers learn an array of skills that will help them have a successful and fun time in a canoe. Campers learn the different types of strokes, soloing techniques as well as how to tandem a canoe while on the water. Learning these skills are not only important for the safe and fun use of a canoe while on Canoe Lake, but also are key to a great canoe trip!

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Sailing, Kayaking & Paddle Boarding (W/A)


Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are located right on the shores of Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario. This surreal location enables TSC to have an abundance of programmed water activities. Each summer campers enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing and sailing. With the warm Ontario summers, these activities are much enjoyed by campers of all ages.

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Swimming (W/A)


Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek both have specified areas dedicated to swimming. Each and every day campers have a scheduled time dedicated for swimming. Campers get the opportunity to build on their swimming skills and get the chance to move up to the next swimming level; upon the certified swimming instructor’s discretion.

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High Ropes & Climbing Wall (W/A)


Hang out with your friends among the trees at TSC’s High Ropes course. Both Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo campers are given the opportunity to enjoy the high ropes course and rock wall during their time at camp. The high ropes course is used by campers of all ages. No need to worry, certified instructors and equipment are there to keep you safe so you can focus on reaching those climbing goals.

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Horseback Riding (W/A)


Canoe Lake is home to horses during the months of July, August and September. Campers can expect trail rides, games and learn the do’s and don’ts of safe and fun horseback riding. For the avid riders at Ahmek and Wapomeo, the month of August holds the TSC Gymkhana, where novice and experienced riders compete together on teams for the honor of winning the “Jimmy Khana Cup”.

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Archery  (W/A)


With an abundance of targets, bows and arrows, all campers get a chance to set goals, hit targets and compete in friendly competitions! Archery is a scheduled activity and is included in each cabins programming during their time at camp.

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Tennis (W/A)


Campers can expect to play tennis matches, learn basic tennis rues, build on strategy and take part in a variety of fun tennis games during their scheduled tennis periods!

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Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek both have their own workshop dedicated to the woodworking program! Campers can expect to make paddles (small or large), birdhouses, picture frames and much more. Need a little guidance? Reach out to the Woodworking Instructor. Oh and don’t forget to take your masterpiece home with you!

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Camp Craft  (W/A)


At Camp Craft campers will learn how to read a map, chop wood, make a fire, set up a tent, make a tarp shelter, distinguish different animal tracks and much more. Camp craft teaches campers necessary skills for adventure in nature. Skills that campers learn while at camp craft become handy when out on canoe trip, camping or hiking in the great Canadian wilderness.

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FAD (Fitness, Aerobics and Dance)  (W)


Get grooving with the revamped FAD (Fitness, Aerobics and Dance) program at Camp Wapomeo. While at FAD, campers can expect to take part in routines, learn new moves and choreography as well as compete in variety of games and exercises. For show nights, final play and other camp events that involve performances, the FAD, drama and music programs come together to create some pretty exciting shows!

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Ball Hockey (A)


Camp Ahmek’s Ball Hockey program is a much enjoyed activity on Canoe Lake. The Ball Hockey arena has everything that campers need for a great match. With boundary lines, nets and an abundance of equipment, Ball Hockey games on Canoe Lake are the real deal.

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Arts & Crafts (W/A)


Kick that creativity into gear with the TSC Arts  & Crafts program!

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Field Sports (W/A)


Summer camp wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t enjoy our favourite field sports. Campers get to participate in friendly matches like soccer, baseball, football, dodge-ball, basketball, ultimate frisbee and much more!

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Music & Drama (W/A)


Music & Drama help get those creative juices flowing. Whether you are preparing a skit or learning notes on the guitar, there’s always something to get excited about at Music & Drama!

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Yoga (W/A)


In a busy place like camp, it’s important to take some time to zen out! The Yoga program at Ahmek and Wapomeo is here for just that. With classes either outside or indoors, campers can participate in an instructed class with their cabin mates.

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Frisbee Golf (W/A)


More photos coming soon!

TSC was one of the first locations in North America to have a Frisbee Golf course! Back in the early 1980’s some famous alumni created a few courses around camp using a combination of natural and constructed targets. The course in the Senior Section at Camp Ahmek remains to this day and has become legendary. TSC is pleased to now formally offer Frisbee golf as a scheduled activity for campers of all ages! We are also working with Innova to create a short 9 hole course on Senior Wapomeo. It’s a fantastic game and one that campers can play all over the world when not at camp.

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All activities are supplied with the proper equipment to maximize camper safety and enjoyment. This means plenty of apparatuses for all campers to participate equally in activities.

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