Camp Activities

With so many activities to choose from, each day at camp is different!

Campers are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of camp activities supervised by well-trained and experienced staff for the best individual skill improvement. With our tennis courts, riding stables, high ropes and climbing wall, sailboats, kayaks, and world-renowned fleet of cedar strip canoes, campers quickly become familiar with TSC’s active lifestyle. Though campers participate in swimming and canoeing daily, the rest of the day’s activities are varied through the week, and certain to inspire fun that could never be had in the city.

All activities are supplied with the proper equipment to maximize camper safety and enjoyment. This means plenty of apparatuses for all campers to participate equally in activities. Some activities are camp specific as indicated by a (W) for Camp Wapomeo or an (A) for Camp Ahmek. All other activities are available for use for both camps.

The Taylor Statten Camps – In Camp Activities

Ball Hockey (A)
Camp Craft
High Ropes
Paddle Boarding
Arts & Crafts
Field Sports
Horseback Riding
Dance (W)

Along with tons of great in-camp activities, our canoe tripping program is one we are renowned for! For almost a century, TSC campers have embarked by canoe on incredible adventures exploring the path less traveled. For more information, visit our page dedicated to the TSC canoe tripping program.  

The Camping Adventure of a Lifetime!

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