Long Canoe Trip Policy

The Long Canoe Tripping program at the Taylor Statten Camps is for many the pinnacle of their summer camping experience.

Campers on Long Canoe Trip

For full details regarding our Long Canoe Trip Policy, including age guidelines, the application process, notification policy and more, please be sure to download our Long Trip Policy.

For many it becomes a “rite of passage” to participate in each of the trips. For this reason, most long trips are over-subscribed each year.

Campers on Long Canoe Trip

In response to this, the Taylor Statten Camps has developed an application policy to ensure fairness and experience are taken into account when allocating spaces on long trips each year.



Special Trips at TSC!

Temagami  – Extended canoe tripping for campers that already have previous Algonquin Park canoe tripping experience. Trips leave from various access points in Temagami. Highlights may include visits to Paradise Lagoon, McConnell Bay and many new destinations not previously reachable from TSC’s former Outpost.

Killarney –  An 11 day loop on one of the most picturesque and historical parks in Ontario. Highlights include Lake Killarney, Silver peak, and Group of Seven historical sites. Please Note: This trip depends solely on campsite availability in Killarney Provincial Park. It is not guaranteed every year – please ensure your child has a second choice trip in mind when registering.

Barron River – Starting at Canoe Lake, campers trip across the west side of Algonquin Park all the way through to the east side culminating in Barron Canyon. Highlights include Lake Eustache, the Petawawa River, and passage through remote corners of Algonquin Park not previously reached on normal park trips.

Kipawa – 22 days in the Kipawa region in Quebec, with passage through La Verendrye Provincial Park. Highlights include Lake Kipawa and Turner Falls.

30-Day – 30 days travelling through Biscotasing, Temagami, the Ottawa River and Algonquin Park. This trip is exclusive to a 6 week session, and vice versa.

Quetico – 36 days of canoe tripping in Quetico Provincial park and the Canada/USA Boundary Waters from Ontario into Minnesota. Highlights include visits to Rose Mountain, Rebecca Falls, and the 16km Grand Portage.

Ishpatina – 36 days of canoe tripping through Biscotasing area. Highlights include visits to Ishpatina Ridge (the highest point in Ontario) and Smooth Water Provincial Park.

Bisco – 42 days of Canoe Tripping in Biscotasing and Temagami. Highlights may include Rocky Island Lake, the Town of Biscotasing, and Sunny Water Lake.

50-Day –  The Big One. Campers work together with their staff to plan their last canoe trip as campers. Routes may include passage through Biscotasing, Temagami, Kipawa, and Algonquin.


For more information on the Taylor Statten Camps and canoe trip, visit the TSC canoe tripping program.

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