Registration for summer 2019 is now OPEN!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 416 486 6959 or

Please see below for the Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo sesssion rates and dates for summer 2019.

You may also want to check out our canoe tripping program rates and information regarding financial assistance. Prior to registering, please take a moment to review TSC Terms & Conditions below.

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  • Try Out Camp

    4 Day Session
    Ages 6 & 7

    July Try Out Camp (1): July 10 - 13 or July Try Out Camp (2): July 14 - 17 or August Try Out Camp (1): August 7 - 10 or August Try Out Camp (2): August 11 - 14 or
  • 12 Days

    2 Week Session
    Ages 7-13

    July 12 Day: July 14 - 25 or August 12 Day: August 11 - 22 or
  • 15 Days

    2 Week Session
    Ages 7-13

    July 15 Day: June 29 - July 13 or August 15 Day: July 27 - August 10 or
  • 1 Month

    Half Session
    Ages 7-16

    July Session: June 29 - July 25 or August Session: July 27 - August 22

    NOTE: If applying for a special trip, additional fees - outlined below - will apply at a later date or
  • Full Session

    Ages 7-16

    June 29 - August 22

    NOTE: Please select if you are applying for Quetico, Ishpatina, Bisco or 50 Day.
    Additional canoe trip fees will apply at a later date (outlined below). or

2019 Special Canoe Trip Fees 

*Applicable only to 1 Month sessions*

Barron River – $950.00 + HST

Temagami – $1200.00 + HST

Killarney – $1200.00 + HST

Kipawa – $1900.00 + HST

2019 Long Canoe Trip Fees 

*Applicable only to Full Session*

Ishpatina – $2400.00 + HST

Quetico – $3000.00 + HST

Bisco – $2500.00 + HST

50 Day – $2750.00 + HST


Important Application Dates for our Special & Long Canoe Trip Applicants

November 5th – Camper Registration Opens
December 31st – Last Day for Timely Registration for Long Canoe Trips*
February 15th – March 1st – Long Canoe Trip & Long Canoe Trip Cabin Assignment confirmations sent out via email**
By May 31st – Long Canoe Trip Staff Assignments are sent out via email.

*Long Canoe Trip Applications are considered up until camp begins (space/logistics permitting), but priority consideration is given to applicants that apply by December 31st.

**The Long Canoe Trip fee is due at the time of confirmation and is non-refundable after 5 days.

We look forward to seeing your camper on Canoe Lake!

2019 Camper Applications Terms & Conditions

  • Conditions of Enrolment, Cancellation & Refunds

    Please ensure you have carefully read all enrollment agreement items below, including our procedures for cancellation and refunds.

    The following shall apply to all enrollments and fees:

    1. The Taylor Statten Camps makes every effort to place campers in cabin/canoe trip groupings with the friends they request. The camp offers up to two cabin mate preferences (we cannot consider more, and these requests should be mutual). We ask for your cooperation and trust in our ability to place your child in a positive and cohesive cabin group. Annual progression through our camper sections is based on a complicated formula, at the full discretion of our Camp Directors, consisting of age of the camper, the age of other enrolled campers and overall enrollment, session length, and previous camp experience. TSC accepts campers between the ages of 6 & 17. There is no guarantee of a cabin placement, specified cabin mates, specified staff members, or placement in a particular camper section, regardless of any request you may make. We do not accept applications that are contingent on section or cabin grouping requests, unless such requests are made in compliance with TSC’s Long Trip Information & Application Policy. General cabin mate dis-requests will not be accepted (although if you wish for your child NOT to be placed with another camper please contact us for further assistance).

    2. Camper applications through this website does not constitute formal acceptance of a guaranteed place next summer at the Taylor Statten Camps, or a place on a special canoe trip. In consideration of your online application, the camp directors will consider your application and may make some background checks or take up references to verify any information provided about your child(ren). Your attention to our Privacy Policy on how we collect and use your (and your children’s) personal information for this purpose is recommended. The camp directors reserve the right to refuse application for any reason. A formal acceptance is mailed to the parents or guardians for each camper enrolled, upon consideration by our Directors of your online application and upon receipt of a digitally signed application, camper health form and the required deposit fee. Kindly note that TSC may provide written confirmation of particular staff or cabin mates in advance of a commencement of a long trip, however these are subject to change at any time, without notice, due to circumstances beyond our control. For this reason, the Taylor Statten Camps advises all campers and parents NOT to produce custom garments or other canoe trip commemorative articles in advance of trip and to wait until after the trip is complete. The Taylor Statten Camps cannot be held responsible for costs incurred contrary to this provision.

    3. The parents or guardians listed on the front of this application (referred to in this agreement as the parents) agree to pay the full fee by April 1, 2019 and to pay interest on all overdue fees at the rate of 24% per annum determined daily and calculated and payable monthly not in advance. Where interest is accrued on outstanding accounts, any sums paid to the Taylor Statten Camps will first be used to settle accrued interest owing before being allocated to outstanding invoiced amounts owing. For enrollments made after April 1, 2019, full fees must be paid at the time of enrollment.

    4. Any cancellation of enrolment must be in writing. Emails are accepted. The Camp reserves the right to cancel enrollment if fees are not paid in full by April 1, 2019. No refunds shall be made except strictly as follows:

    a) if the application is withdrawn before its acceptance or if enrolment is cancelled before April 1, 2019, the fee deposit less a $400 administration fee will be refunded;

    b) if enrolment is cancelled after April 1, 2019 but before May 15, 2019, the fee deposit will not be refunded but all other fees then paid will be refunded; and

    c) if enrolment is cancelled for any reason after May 15, 2019, no amount will be refunded and any unpaid part of the full fee shall be payable.

    d) no amounts will be refunded for the cancellation of late enrollments made after May 15, 2019.

    e) in addition to the above cancellation terms and fees, deposits paid for Long Trip Fees are non-refundable at any time after a camper position on a Long Trip is confirmed by the Taylor Statten Camps. If your child is unsuccessful in securing a place on a Long Trip and you wish to cancel prior to acceptance of the Long Trip offered, the $400 administration fee is still payable. Application on this website is for a place at summer camp (which may include a Special Trip request).

    5. Your camper’s enrolment may, at the parents’ request, be changed from a July session to an August session (or vice-versa), accommodations permitting, at any time upon payment of a $200.00 administration fee. If a Full Session enrolment is changed to the July or August session, or if the camper is re-enrolled after a previous cancellation, a $300.00 administration fee will be charged. For a reduction in enrollment from a one month to a two week session, or if the camper is re-enrolled after a previous cancellation, a $300 administration fee will be charged. For a reduction in enrollment from a two week session to a Try Out session, a $200 administration fee will be charged.

    6. No fee refund will be made for campers arriving late or leaving early, for any reason.

    7. No refunds will be given to campers who are sent home due to any violation of the Taylor Statten Camps Camper Code of Conduct or the Taylor Statten Camps Policies & Procedures or for any breach of provincial or federal law, or for any breach of these Terms & Conditions as determined by the Camp Directors, in their sole discretion.

    8. In the event of cancellation or reduction of enrolment for any reason the camp does not apply deposits or fees to siblings, or to subsequent years. The financial obligations of camp are fixed for the season and the withdrawal of a camper does not lessen operating expenses.

    9. These terms and conditions will apply to all fees paid by credit cards or other means regardless of whether future payments following the initial deposit are automatically collected by credit card or by other means at a later agreed date as set out on our website. Cancellation, dispute, or/or reversal of credit card payments does not constitute cancellation of your payment obligations under these terms and conditions.

  • Insurance & Fees


    Medical Insurance is mandatory for all campers attending our camps or canoe trips who are resident outside of the Province of Ontario. Medical coverage should include GP and outpatient care (which is usually outside the scope of most standard travel insurance policies). Canadian residents who reside OUTSIDE the province of Ontario should also check with their Provincial or Territorial Health provider that they are covered whilst in Ontario; if in any doubt it is highly recommended that Private Medical Insurance is purchased whilst your child(ren) is in Ontario. Notwithstanding your place of residency, your attention is drawn to our clauses below that deal with your responsibility to pay for trip evacuations and/or other medical fees.

    Travel and Cancellation Insurance is also highly recommended for all campers, and in particular for those enrolled on one of our special canoe trips. For those enrolled on one of our Quetico Canoe Trips, you are reminded that the last part of the trip is spent in the Canada/USA international boundary waters in the US State of Minnesota. Your Canadian Health Insurance plan will not likely cover your child(ren) in this respect.

    Camp fees are all inclusive (riding, most supplies for arts and crafts, laundry, etc.), except for transportation, special canoe trips (where not already included), items purchased at tuck, and taxes. These rates are for all campers including brothers and sisters. All fees are payable at par in Toronto in CANADIAN FUNDS on or before April 1, 2019. A Deposit Fee of $1200.00 for 1 month sessions and $2000 for all other sessions must accompany each application.  The deposit is considered non-refundable once confirmation of a place on any of our special canoe trips, or as indicated in these terms and conditions. The process for assigning special trip requests will begin January 2019. Your attention is drawn to the TSC Long Trip Information & Application Policy, which form an essential part of these Terms & Conditions when applying for any Long Trip.

    We are pleased to offer credit card payments through Visa and Mastercard. This is the preferred method of payment for our families outside Canada. We DO NOT recommend using international bank transfers as we have had difficulties in receiving money in a timely fashion. We also accept payment in Canadian funds drawn on a Canadian bank cheque or international money order. We do not accept foreign cheques. Do not send a non-Canadian cheque marked “PAYABLE IN CANADIAN FUNDS”, as it is not negotiable at any Canadian bank. If you are unable to pay using one of the aforementioned methods please contact our business office to discuss other options that may be available.

    All camper applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis, depending on the availability of space, however Special trip requests will be considered in accordance with a variety of factors (such as pre-requisites, age, cabin group dynamics, etc) and not necessarily on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Additional Conditions

    1. The parents acknowledge that camp takes place in Ontario, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ontario courts and agree that:

    a) the Ontario courts shall have jurisdiction over any claim, legal dispute or cause of action arising out of camp, alleged breach of contract, or alleged negligence or other claim that leads to a legal proceeding against The Taylor Statten Camp Company Limited, its directors, officers or employees.

    b) if any such legal proceedings are commenced, they will be commenced and heard only in Ontario; and

    c) the resolution of all disputes and the provisions of this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Ontario laws.

    2. The parent agrees to update the camp of any camp/school issues, (suspension, discipline) or social, emotional, or psychological issue that could affect his/her child or any other child, at least 2 weeks prior to their child’s arrival at camp.

    3. The parents of the camper consent to the medical treatment of the camper by the camp doctor or any other medical doctor, as required in such doctor’s discretion, and agree to pay all hospital, prescription and over-the-counter drug charges/fees (including but not limited to emergency Epi-Pen usage and administration) and other medical fees and expenses incurred with respect to the camper and to reimburse The Taylor Statten Camp Company Limited promptly for any such fees and expenses paid by the camp (whether paid upfront by the camp or billed/paid at a later date) with respect to the camper. The parents further agree to pay all transportation charges to/from Canoe Lake and canoe trip evacuation fees from other remote locations to/from any hospital, doctor’s office, or clinic incurred by the camp (including but not limited to fees for an ambulance, sea plane, air ambulance, taxi, and/or camp vehicle).

    4. The camp is committed to maintaining the confidence and trust of its campers and their parents. The camp has adopted a Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available on this website. We encourage you to read this document, which forms part of these Terms & Conditions. The camp has adopted an Accessibility Policy, a copy of which is available on this website. We encourage you to read this policy which forms part of these Terms & Conditions.

    5. The parents of the camper agree for and on behalf of themselves and the camper that any photographs taken of the camper by camp personnel or otherwise authorized by a camp director may be used by the camp without charge in promotional material, including brochures, slide shows, videos, social media and websites.

    6. The person signing this contract has legal guardianship of the camper named and acts as custodial parent for the entirety of the camper session at the Taylor Statten Camps. Any custody issues or disputes advised to the Taylor Statten Camps by any legal parent or guardian of a camper will be dealt with ONLY under the laws of the Province of Ontario, and the Taylor Statten Camp Company Limited reserves the right to refer any custody issues of campers in its care to the Children’s Aid Society or other appropriate governmental agency. In this capacity, the person signing this contract is in agreement and is aware that the camper named is attending camp and this person has the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of both the mother and father. All parents, siblings, heirs, executors, successors or assigns agree to read the terms of this contract and agree that unless they contact us in writing they are in agreement with the terms herein.

    7. The Camp Directors have the authority to search camper belongings, including mail and packages, for items prohibited by camp. Prohibited items will be removed from camper belongings in accordance with our Camper Code of Conduct, a copy of which is available on this website.

    8. The parent agrees to read the Taylor Statten Camp Guide (distributed in the spring) for full awareness and understanding of the rules and policies of camp and to review this handbook and all applicable rules/policies with the camper. The parent understands that items not permitted in camp will be confiscated, not returned to the camper, and (if applicable) given to charity.

    9. The parent of the camper acknowledges that the Taylor Statten Camps (and associated canoe trips and facilities) is a rustic summer camp for children in the wilderness of Algonquin Park (and for canoe trips in other remote areas and parks). The Taylor Statten Camps is not a holiday resort; there is no electricity, heating, or air conditioning, or washroom facilities in accommodation cabins, and the camps operate a “back to basics” approach in every aspect of daily life at camp. Campers swim in lake water (not chlorinated pools), and learn to live in harmony with nature and their surroundings. Residence in Algonquin Park (and other parks and remote areas on canoe trip) is shared with wild animals, and campers are encouraged to respect and appreciate these animals. Mosquitoes and other insects are part of camp life. Make sure that your camper has enough non-aerosol bug repellent with them. Although laundry services are provided, all campers are required to regularly participate in cabin cleaning duties, and section cleanliness. At meal times, food is served family style in the dining halls, with the exception of canoe trip where campers often participate in the preparation of food over open fires in a rustic manner.

    10. The swimming and canoeing activities at camp are mandatory for all campers. Participation in all other activities is voluntary although all campers are encouraged to participate in all activities. Session lengths and age will dictate the amount of times each camper participates in each camp activity; The Taylor Statten Camps does not guarantee an overall minimum number of visits to any particular activity. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, participation in canoe trip is mandatory for each camper. The duration and route of a canoe trip is dependent on the age and session length of each camper.

    11. The Camp reserves the right to dismiss a camper from camp and send her or him home at the expense of the parents at any time without notice when it is deemed to be in the best interest of either the child or camp, the child has caused harm to him/herself or other campers or staff, or for violation of any camp rule, all as determined by camp in its sole and absolute discretion. No refunds will be provided. Parents shall reimburse the camp for any intentional damage or defacement of camp property. The cost of removing graffiti or fixing broken windows will be added to the camper’s tuck bill.

    12. Any additional transportation including emergency canoe trip evacuations provided by the camp for any reason shall be paid for by the parents.

    13. All campers participating in a Quetico Canoe Trip MUST have in their possession a valid passport with an expiry date beyond 31 December 2019. Usage of a Nexus Card, CANPASS Card, US Passport Card, Enhanced State/Provincial Driving License, Resident Alien Registration Card (US) or Permanent Resident (Canada) Card or a State/Provincial Birth Certificate is NOT permitted for participation in the Quetico trip (regardless of the fact that usage of these aforementioned documents may otherwise permit a lawful land-border crossing between Canada and The United States.) Quetico Campers who will be travelling on passports issued by governments other than Canada and The United States should contact the TSC Business Office for further guidance on special visa procedures that may apply.

    14. Email Marketing – By electronically submitting this application you are agreeing to receive email communications from the Taylor Statten Camp Company Limited containing application information, camp news and updates, alumni information, and promotions regarding the Taylor Statten Camp Company Limited products and services. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us for more details.

  • Waiver and Release of Liability

    I acknowledge that attendance and/or participation at overnight camp involves risk and hazards incidental thereto, including allergic reactions, all of which are assumed by the parent. I further recognize that there is an element of risk in taking part in outdoor activities. I’m also aware of the risks and dangers inherent in swimming, water sports, land sports, horseback riding, high ropes, archery, canoe tripping, hiking/portaging, living in a natural and rustic surrounding, and ground and air transportation. I am also aware that my child(ren) will be sharing a camper cabin and/or tent with other children of a similar age, that although staff supervision will always be nearby, direct visual supervision 24 hours per day is not possible.

    Knowing of the inherent risks (such as, but not limited to, exposure, animal bites, equipment failure, hazards of the road, allergies, trails, changing weather conditions, personal interaction, etc.) and the rigors required of said activities, I certify that my child(ren) is fully capable of participating in the camp program and activities.

    On behalf of my child(ren) I accept for use, as is, any equipment provided in good condition and accept full responsibility for care of equipment while in my child(ren)’s possession.

    I release and hold harmless for whatever reason, including negligence, THE TAYLOR STATTEN CAMP COMPANY LIMITED, it’s officers, employees, sponsors, and agents from any action related to these risks and dangers and any and all liability arising from my child(ren)’s attendance and/or participation in the camp program. These terms shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for my heirs, and all members of my family.


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