Camper Code of Conduct

As a camper, I will ....

As a Camper I will…

  • Recognize I am a part of the Canoe Lake community. I will respect the environment, peers, staff and lake dwellers.
  • Treat people the way I would like to be treated.
  • Cooperate with camp staff and follow their instructions. This includes rules and regulations put forth by each individual activity head.
  • Practice sun safety by wearing: sunscreen throughout the day, protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses with UV protection, stay hydrated with water/juice, and seek shade during the hottest/sunniest times of the day.
  • Wear my life jacket at all times in all water crafts.
  • Help keep my cabin and the surrounding environment clean and put all litter in the trashcans.
  • Have good hygiene by having regular showers, brushing my teeth and changing my clothes regularly.
  • Stay with my counselors, unless I have special permission not to be with them.
  • Be courteous to shopkeepers, other wilderness travelers and the public.
  • Talk to someone if I feel unsafe.
  • Have lots of FUN and a GREAT time.


I will not…

  • Bully, or put down other campers or staff.
  • Trespass, steal, vandalize or graffiti any property.
  • Enter the cabins of others unless a member of that cabin has invited me.
  • Leave The Taylor Statten Camps at night unless under direct staff supervision.
  • Deliberately hurt anybody’s feelings. Including pulling pranks on others which could cause someone to feel offended or unsafe or that might result in retaliatory action which could lead to injury or property damage.
  • Transport, sell, purchase or consume tobacco products, alcohol or illegal substances (such as drugs) of any kind while enrolled at The Taylor Statten Camps.
  • Use foul or abusive language (this includes language of a sexually explicit nature).


I understand that if I am having trouble following this code of conduct, the following could happen:

  • I may have a meeting with my counsellor, section director or one of the camp directors.
  • A staff member might call my parents to discuss my behaviour.
  • I may be asked to carry out a suitable consequence decided by my staff. (An example of a consequence is writing an apology letter.)
  • If my behavior is hurtful to myself, others or camp property, I may have to go home early.