What to pack

As camp approaches, there are a number of preparations that assist in the transition to a happy summer camping experience.

To help you with this, a Parent’s Guide to Camp will be sent to you in April. Please read this carefully and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Please see the clothing lists below to help you and your child pack the appropriate items for our overnight camps. We encourage children to leave expensive belongings at home, although sending a reasonably warm but light sleeping bag is recommended. Paddles often go missing, so it is important, especially for young campers, to purchase an inexpensive paddle and, using a waterproof marker, inscribe on it your child’s name. Reasonably priced paddles can also be purchased at our Camp tuck shops. Life jackets with a whistle attached must also be boldly labeled.

There is laundry service at camp. To help ensure your child’s cothes do not get lost in the laundry, please ensure all clothing is clearly labeled with your camper’s name. We cannot be responsible for lost articles, but we will try to return anything of value that we find, if it can be identified.

Packing Pro-Tip 

Make sure all items are labelled clearly with your camper’s name.

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