September Family Camp

We are looking forward to another successful September Camp under the leadership of David Jefferies. We are elated to see returning families and to welcome new families!

We welcome single persons, married couples, and family groups. Supervision of children is provided through our “Kids Program” which runs two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon; outside of these four hours, supervision of children is the responsibility of the parents. September Campers under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult. The sleeping accommodations consist of rustic cabins and cottages used by the Ahmek boys during the regular camp period. Outside toilet facilities are located throughout the camp with hot showers and flush toilets centrally located. All September Campers supply their own blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, towels, P.F.D., etc. Paddles may be brought for personal use or purchased from our tuck shop, along with an array of camp clothing and memorabilia. A number of Ahmek and Wapomeo summer staff stay for September Camp and assist in the diverse program.

2022 Rates

All prices listed below are on a per night, per person basis.

Please note: As of the 2020 season, youth pricing will now apply to guests aged 3 – 17 years old.

There are TWO session options:

Session 1 runs from August 26th – August 29th 2022. There is a minimum registration of 2 nights during this session.

Session 2 runs from September 1st – September 5th 2022. There is a minimum registration of 3 nights during this session.

Registration will open in April 2022.

If you are registering with a large group, we kindly ask that you call ahead at 416 486 6959 or email at to discuss cabin options and grouping requests.

We look forward to another great season :).

  • Adult Rates

    Adult Camper
    For ages 18+ yrs old

    1) August 26th - August 29th 2022 or 2) September 1st- September 5th 2022 or
  • Children Rates

    Child Camper
    For ages of 3-17 yrs old

    1) August 26th - August 29th 2022 or 2) September 1st - September 5th 2022 or


Session 1 -August 26th – August 29th 2022. There is a minimum registration of 2 nights during this session.

Session 2 – September 1st – September 5th 2022. There is a minimum registration of 3 nights during this session.


What is September Camp?

September Camp was created with the goal of providing Ahmek and Wapomeo alumni with the opportunity to relive their summer camp experience and reunite with families and friends on the shores of Canoe Lake, Ontario. Our doors are also open to the general public who are interested in experiencing the interior of Algonquin Park, Ontario. Since 1938, September Camp has been held on the Camp Ahmek site. While a program of activities is arranged, a free and easy atmosphere allows guests to be as active or as idle as they wish.

September Camp Activities

  • Tennis
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback Riding (runs until the Saturday of session 2)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • High Ropes
  • Climbing Wall
  • Archery
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kids Program

    September Camp
    September Camp Stilson 2015

September Camp Terms & Conditions

  • Conditions of Enrollment, Cancellation & Refunds

    The following shall apply to all enrollments and fees for September Camp:

    1. The Taylor Statten Camps makes every effort to place September campers in accommodation/cabins they request. However, there is no guarantee of a cabin placement, or placement in a particular section, regardless of any request you may make. We do not accept registrations that are contingent on cabin requests.
    2. Registration through this website does not constitute formal acceptance of a guaranteed place at September Camp. In consideration of your online registration, the camp directors will consider your application and may make some background checks or take up references to verify any information provided about you and your child(ren), if applicable. Your attention to our Privacy Policy on how we collect and use your (and your children’s) personal information for this purpose is recommended. The camp directors reserve the right to refuse registration for any reason. A formal acceptance is emailed to you upon consideration by our Directors of your online registration.
    3. The applicant listed on this application (referred to in this agreement as the applicants) agree to pay the full fee upon check-out from September Camp and to pay interest on all overdue fees at the rate of 24% per annum determined daily, calculated and payable monthly not in advance.
    4. Any cancellation of enrolment must be in writing. Emails are accepted. If cancellation occurs less than 72 hours prior to 3pm on the day of your scheduled arrival at Canoe Lake, the Camp reserves the right to charge 1 full day’s accommodation for the applicant’s entire party.  Cancellation or curtailment of your booking once you have checked in at Canoe Lake may result in the full amount being charged for your entire stay.
    5. For a reduction in enrollment prior to check in at Canoe Lake, a $100 administration fee will be charged. Extensions to your stay may be possible subject to capacity restrictions and upon application to the Business Office. Extra fees will be payable.
    6. No fee refund will be made for applicants arriving late or leaving early, for any reason.
  • Additional Conditions

    1. All guests at September Camp agree to abide by the September Camp Code of Conduct (and related Covid-19 Polices & Procedures), a copy of which will be available on this website from 1 May 2022, as amended from time to time.
    2. Children under the age of 3 years (under 3 years until at least Labour Day) are welcome to attend September Camp at no charge. Each parent assumes full responsibility and risk for each child, and MUST keep each child within their direct supervision at all times. Applicants may be asked to sign additional waivers of liability and/or provide proof of age verification. The applicant further acknowledges that attendance and/or participation at camp involves risk and hazards incidental thereto, including allergic reactions, all of which are assumed by the applicant and his/her family. The applicant hereby waives, releases, absolves and agrees to indemnify and save harmless The Taylor Statten Camp Company Ltd. and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents of any and all liability arising from attendance and/or participation of the camp program (unless solely as a result of the camp’s willful neglect or willful default.)
    3. The person signing this contract has legal guardianship of any minors named in this application and acts as custodial parent. In this capacity, the person is in agreement and is aware that the minor named is attending camp and this person has the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of both the mother and father. All parents, siblings, heirs, executors, successors or assigns agree to read the terms of this contract and agree that unless they contact us in writing they are in agreement with the terms herein.
    4. Applicants shall reimburse camp for any intentional damage or defacement of camp property, which may be added to you bill at check-out.
    5. Any additional charges (tuck bills, incidentals, etc) shall be settled upon check out at Canoe Lake.
    6. Meals are served family style 3 times per day at the times listed below. No refund will be given for any missed meals, and meals cannot be served outside of normal meal hours. For hygiene and safety reasons, it is requested that food not be removed from the dining hall for delivery back to accommodation/sections. It is not permitted to remove plates and cutlery from the dining hall under any circumstances.
  • Waiver and Release of Liability

    I acknowledge that attendance and/or participation at overnight camp involves risk and hazards incidental thereto, including allergic reactions and Covid-19, all of which are assumed by the parent. I further recognize that there is an element of risk in taking part in outdoor activities. I’m also aware of the risks and dangers inherent in swimming, water sports, land sports, horseback riding, high ropes, archery, canoe tripping, hiking/portaging, living in a natural and rustic surrounding, and ground and air transportation. I am also aware that my child(ren) will be sharing a camper cabin and/or tent with other children of a similar age, that although staff supervision will always be nearby, direct visual supervision 24 hours per day is not possible.

    Knowing of the inherent risks (such as, but not limited to, exposure, animal bites, Covid-19, equipment failure, hazards of the road, allergies, trails, changing weather conditions, personal interaction, etc.) and the rigors required of said activities, I certify that my child(ren) is fully capable of participating in the camp program and activities.

    On behalf of my child(ren) I accept for use, as is, any equipment provided in good condition and accept full responsibility for care of equipment while in my child(ren)’s possession.

    I release and hold harmless for whatever reason, including negligence, THE TAYLOR STATTEN CAMP COMPANY LIMITED, it’s officers, employees, sponsors, and agents from any action related to these risks and dangers and any and all liability arising from my or my child(ren)’s attendance and/or participation in the camp program. These terms shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for my heirs, and all members of my family.