Summer Staff

Every year we fill our summer camps with a staff of outdoor fanatics who know how to help campers see, hear, smell and feel our surroundings.

They’re fun loving people, many of whom were our campers before they grew into counselor positions. They also know about those things that sometimes bother campers and they’ve always got an arm to throw around your shoulder at those important moments.

To ensure quality and safety all new staff members are required to submit to an application process that includes interviews, reference checks and police background checks.

The job of working with children at a summer camp is an extremely rewarding one. Being staff at camp requires a great deal of stamina and enthusiasm. It is a wonderful opportunity to develop, practice, and share your skills, a passion for the outdoors, and an appreciation for community-oriented social atmosphere. Staff members must be receptive to the campers and take very seriously the responsibility of nurturing these children in a safe and interactive environment.


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