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Staffing FAQ is to your go to as new or returning staff to the Taylor Statten Camps! If you don’t find the answer here, please contact us!



Located in the beautiful Algonquin Park, Taylor Statten Camps (TSC) are fourth generational family-run residential summer camps, rich with history dating back to 1921. Being part of the Taylor Statten Camps team is a unique and memorable experience. With Camp Ahmek for boys and Camp Wapomeo for girls, Canoe Lake is full of TSC spirit all summer long. With applications open in early November, it’s never too early to apply for a position at camp.

A job with TSC provides many learning opportunities and helps to build experience in leadership, conflict resolution, teamwork, child care and outdoor skills.


  • How do I apply? When do applications open?

    We only accept applications online and you can access our Job Postings to see which jobs we are currently hiring for.

  • What qualifications do I need to have?

    All staff at The Taylor Statten Camps are required to have a current Emergency First Aid and CPR “B” certification upon their arrival at camp. Some jobs such as CITs, counsellors, guides, waterfront and senior staff must have a current Bronze Cross certification. Each role has a job description that outlines the particular certifications required or preferred.

  • What are the dates of employment?

    For Summer 2022, senior staff are required to be at camp from June 18 to Aug 26, 2022. Guides (Canoe Trip Counsellors) , Long Trip and Program staff are and some Support Staff required to be at camp from June 19 to August 26. Lastly, CITs and Counsellors and some Support Staff are required to be at camp from  June 25 to August 25, 2022.

  • What is the hiring process?

    After you submit your application through the Job Postings page, we will process your application. This can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. If your application is successful, you will be contacted through email to schedule a phone interview. Phone interviews can be scheduled during the day or early evening. In-person interviews are also an option for those applicants in the Greater Toronto Area. Once an interview is conducted, the next steps can include a second interview (for certain positions only) and reference checks. Once the necessary requirements are met, you will be emailed a contract in the weeks to follow.

  • Do I need to have been a camper to be considered?

    No, definitely not. Many of our staff were campers before but we do not discriminate against applicants that may not have camp experience. Many of our staff come from a variety of backgrounds including Education, Administration, Outdoor Ed and Medical fields. Most of our staff are university and college students from across Canada and United States. We even have international staff joining us through our partners at Camp Canada, Americamp Canada and CCUSA. If you are a international applicant, you can apply to us directly if you did not previously register with one of these agencies.

  • What kind of training do you provide?

    The Taylor Statten Camps offer all senior staff, program staff, long trip and guides two weeks of training prior to campers arriving. CITs and counsellors receive one week of training. Training will include first aid and emergency procedures, preventing bullying, risk management, group dynamics, camper behaviour management, and preparation for activity instruction. CITs and counsellors will work towards their Wilderness First Aid while Long Trip counsellors and Guides will work towards their Wilderness Advanced First aid. We provide recerts for Bronze Cross/ EFA& CPR B for some staff if necessary but we do not run full courses during camp except for campers. Please note, the camps do not cover the cost of these certifications. 

  • Where would I live? Will I have a roomate?

    TSC is a sleepover camp for boys and girls. As a staff member you will be living at the camp for the duration of your contract. Staff accommodation are rustic and majority of cabins do not have electricity. Depending on your position at the camps, you may have electricity in your cabin as well as a roommate.

  • Will I have access to internet or Wi-Fi?

    As we are located in Algonquin Park, most carriers provide limited cell service. In accordance to our back-to-basics approach, access to internet is limited. There is no wi-fi available. Staff do have access to internet in the office based on a sign-up system.

  • Is there staff transportation available at the beginning or end of the summer?

    We offer one-way bus transportation for our CIT and Counselling staff in June. The cost for this is $75 + HST, which can be taken off your summer pay check. At the end of the summer, staff may have an opportunity to take one of our camper buses but seat priority is given to campers. Same costs apply, unless you are chosen as a chaperone.

    Camper buses go to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ).

  • What is spring work crew session?

    The Spring Work Crew is made up of TSC staff members who are 19 years of age and older. Anyone who meets this age requirement is invited to apply. The session begins following Victoria Day weekend and continues until our Pre-Pre Camp session starts. The focus of this session is maintenance work to ensure that the camp is ready when campers arrive! Spring Work Crew is a wonderful opportunity to learn the lay of the land at camp and to meet new people from both Ahmek and Wapomeo. Please contact if you would like more information!

  • What is September Camp and am I able to work during it?

    September camp is our family camp that runs from the end of the summer session to Labour Day. TSC staff over the age of 19 are invited to apply and may be offered activity, kids program, receptionist or CIT positions. The CIT position includes serving meals, greeting guests and planning/participating in evening activities. The position in which you are employed for the summer does not need to be the same position at September Camp. The process for applications occurs during the summer but can be discussed at any time prior.

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