Top 10 Reasons to Attend September Camp

  1. Camp Nostalgia – September Camp gives alumni a chance to come back to camp and relive the glory days. Whether it is seeing your name in the dining hall or once again feeling the stroke of your paddle through Canoe Lake, alumni can reminisce about old memories while experiencing new ones with their family and friends. Guests can once again observe TSC traditions similar to those in the old days. Anyone up for a Sing-Song!?
  2. Familiar Faces – This time at camp is the perfect way to reconnect with old friends. September Camp often hosts families who have been friends for decades and whose friendships can be attributed to their summers spent at TSC.
  3. New Faces – September Camp is not just for Ahmek and Wapomeo alumni! Many families attend because they want to experience Algonquin Park, summer camp and to escape the city before the hustle and bustle of school starts.
  4. Experience Camp as a Family – Whether you are a familiar face or new face, September Camp is an excellent way to experience summer camp as a family. The structure of the day is identical to that of the summer session and therefore a great way to introduce new campers to the TSC world, especially if there are some nerves about going to camp for the first time.
  5. Meet TSC Staff – Interested in hearing stories from the summer? Then the staff at September Camp are your go-to storytellers. They may even ask you for a story swap, as current staff love to hear tales from TSC past. The staff working at September Camp are knowledgeable, fun, and can help you with anything you need. They are also your servers at meals … How How!
  6. Camp Activities – All regular camp activities are open to September Campers, including horseback riding, tennis, archery, high ropes and more. For parents with younger children who want to try out an activity themselves, we have a Kids Program that runs for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.
  7. The Social Aspect – September Camp is a social place, providing multiple opportunities to meet new people and catch up with those you’ve known for years. In the dining hall, meals are served family style and guests can sit with whomever they please. In the evenings, voices accompanied by guitars can be heard from section fire pits throughout the camp. Basically, September Camp is one big party!
  8. Evening Activities – Every evening of September Camp is jammed pack to ensure optimal fun. Some favourites include a coffee house, casino night, Bantam beach party and council ring!
  9. Bursary Auction Day – This day, during the second weekend of September Camp, is an important day. The Bursary Auction is when TSC alumni get together and raise money to send deserving kids to camps around Ontario. Benches are set up on the Ahmek beach, snacks are passed around and amazing art, toys and vintage TSC gear are auctioned off. It is one of the best days of the entire year!
  10. Spend Time in Algonquin – As summer winds down and school approaches, what better place to spend some quality family time than in the heart of Algonquin Park. The sunrises and sunsets are filled with colours and the September weather is ideal – warm during the day, cool at night. The beauty of the lakefront scenery cannot be found anywhere else.