TSC Alumni are an inspirational group of former campers and staff members from many generations that celebrate and promote Ahmek and Wapomeo in many different ways.

Individually and in groups, the spirit of Canoe Lake is passed along around the world as TSC alumni convey to others the tremendous influence Camp has had in shaping who they are today.

The Taylor Statten Camps Alumni Association (TSCAA) exists to keep the Taylor Statten Camps community in touch, and to reconnect those who have wandered off the trail. We are a worldwide network of former campers and staff, so that no matter where you live, there’s a good chance of your being able to gather around a campfire with people who share kindred summer memories. So—gather together to hike, bike, cruise, eat, canoe-trip, pub crawl, attend sporting events, have reunions. If you are already doing this, please let TSCAA know. We want to spread the word. We also need your help to expand our Alumni Database. Please encourage your camp friends to access the Alumni Directory page on this Alumni site and to register a profile and email information. All registrants will receive, for time to time, newsworthy information about Camp and Alumni concerns. In addition, we hope that Alumni will use this site to post more indepth articles ( than say those on Facebook) regarding anything to do with Camp, past and present.